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June 24, 2006


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By using the internal motion sensor you can do some neat things!

“Turns out, the laptop has a built-in motion sensor. Nominally, it’s there to protect the internal hard drive. The basic idea is this: If the accelerometer suddenly notices that the gravitational pull of earth is no longer present, the most likely explanation is that the laptop, sensor and all, is currently accelerating at 9.81 m/s² towards said earth. In that case, it will (wisely) try to turn the hard drive off in preparation for impact.”

Via: Gadgetizer


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5 Responses to “SmackBook”

  1. bryan Says:

    Can you run Windows xp home edition on one of you virtual desktops?

  2. bryan Says:

    can you run windows xp home edition on one of your virtual desktops?

  3. Drake Says:

    Can this only be done on a “MacBook Pro” ??

  4. Pete Says:

    In answer to question 3:

    No, a normal macbook can do it. Any apple laptop with a motion sensor will do it. iBooks wont, but im not sure about powerbooks…

  5. cristo Says:

    can you get this for an HP (vista)laptop?

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