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June 24, 2006

Photo Etch Circuit Board Process

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How to Cut a Circuit Board into Panels

There are many ways to cut panels out of a large board. In this case the board is a 12 inch X 12 inch board and it contains eight individual circuit boards. There are shears that can be used to cut out individual boards. Some people also use things such as band saws and jig saws but I have found the fiberglass dulls the blades very quickly. I have had good results using a 10 inch abrasive metal cutting blade mounted in a table saw.
Line up the work and pass it through the blade. Watch the fingers…
Here are some boards that have been cut out. A good artwork layout pays in this step with little material removal.
Another picture of a cut out board. Look at the cut edges and use the side of the abrasive blade to square up any edges that don’t look good.