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June 24, 2006

Photo Etch Circuit Board Process

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How to Remove Resist from a Circuit Board

Keep your gloves and splash goggles on and pour some Drano into some cool water. Mix the solution well.
Drop the circuit board into the solution to strip the coating (resist) from the board.
You should start to see the resist detaching from the copper. Gently rock the container if desired.
If there are some stubborn spots you can rub it off with a brush.
Rinse the board well. For this step you might want to use fresh water since this is the last time the board will be rinsed.
Let it soak for a few minutes so that the Drano is completely removed from the board.
Remove the board from the rinse water and hold it up to the light to inspect the results.
The board is done. If you were making a board that was the correct final size and is all surface mount you are done. If you have many boards in one you will have to cut them out, also if you have components that have leads that will be going through the board you will have to continue.