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June 24, 2006

Photo Etch Circuit Board Process

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How to Develop a Circuit Board

To make the developing solution, pour some Sodium Bicarbonate into warm water. The strength will depend on the type of board you are using. Mix well.
Drop the board into the solution copper side up. The goal here is to remove all of the resist (coating) that was not exposed to UV light. Once the resist is removed these areas will be down to bare copper.
Depending on the type of circuit board coating you may just have to slosh the solution over the board.
If you want you can gently rub the surface to remove the coating a bit faster. Ensure when working with the board that you evenly work all areas of the board. Continue until all of the non exposed areas are down to bare copper.
Take the board out of the solution and turn the lights on (everything prior to this needed the board to be in a darkroom condition). Inspect the board to ensure all of the areas that should be bare copper are free of the coating. A scratch from an Exacto knife does a good job of detecting thin coating layers.
Rinse the circuit board in cool water. Ensure that all of the previous solution is cleaned off the board.