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June 24, 2006

Photo Etch Circuit Board Process

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This article goes through the steps required to photo etch your own copper clad circuit boards. There is a relatively small amount of hardware that is required and the steps are quite simple. If you have done the toner transfer method in the past why not move to the next level?

If you are thinking of making your own circuit boards there are a few option: * The easiest is to design the board and send the file to a facility that will produce the board for you. * The toner transfer method is popular when you need to make one or two boards. * If you have a CNC machine you can route it. * You can photo etch the board.
Click on the steps below to see how it is done.


1) What you need (page 2)
2) Expose (page 3)
3) Develop (page 4)
4) Etch (page 5)
5) Remove Resist (page 6)
6) Cut out panels (page 7)
7) Drill (page 8 )