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June 23, 2006

Scarf for Techno-Addicts

at 5:29 am. Filed under Funny Hacks

I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw the Techno-Addict Scarf.

“Advertise to the world that you’re alone and want to stay that way with a privacy scarf developed by Joe Malia, a grad student who apparently can’t do without his portable media. Besides being completely dorky-looking, we can’t imagine this garment being anywhere near comfortable. How can you breathe in the thing?”


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6 Responses to “Scarf for Techno-Addicts”

  1. Ed T. Says:

    Hopefully the mugger will be laughing too hard to actually grab the scarf and choke you with it while he steals your electronic device…

  2. Sots Says:

    That’s what we call a “Pornoscope”.
    U can use it to wach your porn privately…

  3. boom boom Says:

    this makes you look like a retard

  4. Dave Says:

    It makes you look like a retard, but you can watch your adult movies without others knowing.. Guess it’s worth it. 🙂

  5. Q Says:

    I bet they make the women secretaries in Iraq wear them.

  6. Homemade Gadgets at the photo hunt Says:

    […] Dork scarf […]

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