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June 22, 2006

Coil Making 101: Pancake Coils

at 6:00 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

We featured FastMHz’s fantastic rocket that was launched using an EM coil. Lots of people have been asking him how to make one. This is a video that documents the steps required so that you too can have a cool EM rocket launcher!


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One Response to “Coil Making 101: Pancake Coils”

  1. aaron Says:

    Not bad, however it would really save you some elbow grease, as well as improve consistancy
    of coil density and roll if you made a simple mount for your coil jig. Add a handle and
    small spindle to make a basic spooling device, and you have a simple coil rolling machine
    that you can mount to your work bench.
    If you use a fully fixed bolt and spindle (w/ threads, ie: universal threaded rod) then you
    tension can be adjusted for the wire spool and coil jig.
    I say this because although you are probably making a small amount of one-off coils, even in
    elec. motor production we make simple rolling machines for sample motors.

    If you look into purchase proper insulating paper used in electric motors, then you could also
    get more power into the coil without starting a fire with untreated paper…. But.. it could
    add to the excitement of your rocket launches.
    Keep up the cool work!

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