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June 21, 2006

Nokia Open, Cell Phone of the future?

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Not sure if this Nokia concept cell phone will ever be for sale, if it does I will be first in line for it. 🙂
See Sc iFi Tech for more details.

“The “Nokia Open” is/would be a cell phone that opens like a fan with a “scrollable touch screen,” which seems to be an essential-yet-nonexistent item that would need to be invented in order for this to work. The idea is that with the push of a button the thin phone opens up, revealing a spacious screen on which buttons and menu options appear for you to manipulate with your digits. All well and good, but a cell phone that appears before you on the wings of a magical eagle would be cool too, though I’m not expecting Nokia to start marketing it anytime soon.”


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  1. Shaniya19 Says:

    Gee your sites about Nokia Open, Cell Phone of the future? – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog is hmm how can i say, different from the others. Keep adding i will be back

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