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June 17, 2006

Hard Drive PC Case

at 6:15 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks

Got a box of old hard drives doing nothing. Put them to work housing your new computer components.

“While waiting for parts to arrive and new ideas to sprout up on my CLOWNED project, I’ve started another. I’m building a custom case made of Hard Drives. All of the HD’s are DEAD. Many are 2GB and below, 1 is the 120GB HD I had in Air Force One that died. My teachers were happy to unload the mounting piles of dead HD’s they had and I was happy to take ’em. To start, see the 2 boxes worth of dead HD’s I’ve gotten.”


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43 Responses to “Hard Drive PC Case”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Your Retarded

  2. Neat Says:

    No you are for not using the correct “you’re”. I like it, besides, I did n’t see you come up with this. Nice job,

  3. Keith Says:

    What a cool way to display your broken HD. I wonder also, what’s the point really?

  4. Computer Forums Says:

    Anonymous, to call someone retarded would mean that they were of a lower intelligence than you, yet you can’t even follow basic grammar rules? How hypocritical.

    Also, if you’re going to insult someone, then at least not be an anonymous coward and let them know who you are.

  5. James Says:

    The only thing that could make this cooler is if all the hard-drives still worked and you had them hooked up in a raid array (with covers off, of course).. Could be a lot harder to make that though, unless you have easy access to a clean room.

  6. Schmuck Says:

    Learn how to speel, moran!

  7. Tim Says:

    I think he meant retarded in a good way. Just like saying, “You’re the shit” is a good thing. But hey, what the hell do I know.

  8. Ludovico Says:


    Does there have to be a point to it? Remember that the vast majority of art is, so to say, pointless.

    I agree with Computer Forums. At least be constructive, like James says. Comments likes James build a better world, comments like yours are not useful and give you away as a person few would befriend.

  9. Rpto Says:

    sell that case and go woo this chick


  10. Stu M Says:

    Looks awesome, well done. 😀

  11. LoneEagle Says:

    Very nice mod! It would be awesome to have them all spinning up in random order…

  12. GOVATENT Says:

    I really find it cool, i now found a use for the hds i have at home dead. I am so makeing a new computer. and i aggree with Loneeagle, if you could make them spin randomly it would be really funny. Or if you have seen the mod where a hdd plate was turned into an anolog clock. I dont have the link, but its on the net with a how-to bulid it. And just turn one of the hd into a clock with the light. Again neat project

  13. Jon Says:

    Probably a nice thing to do if youre bored, but I dont like the way it looks. Bad design imho.

    less is more.

  14. Gakkster Says:

    Looks like a “cool and ugly” design. Maybe design something like it out of sodacans next time? Probably done before thought.

  15. LS?Master Says:

    This is something interesting, but nothing I would ever imagine, or think about doing.

  16. Jack Says:

    BTW computer forum….thts a great way to identify yourself. SO much better than anonymous coward.
    Shall I say how hypocrytical. and screw you if my spellings arent rite. this isnt a english class. You guys are all idiots for correcting people for grammar mistakes.

    For the modder:
    Cool but useless and tidieous for other ppl and not many ppl have that many broken hard drives. I dont even have one. Maybe u should learn how to not break hard drives. haha.

  17. bob Says:

    “Your retarded” huh? Someone who doesn’t know what the word “your” means really shouldn’t be talking, you fucking momo.

  18. MABAALS Says:

    That looks kinda stupid

  19. Flood_of_SYNs Says:

    That is going to be one heavy computer case, I wouldn’t want to haul that to a LAN (but I guess the bragging rights might just be worth it).

  20. Project 2501 Says:

    TGS is a douche anyway… crap projects by the dozens. Learn to identify a real mod when you see it!

  21. www.compnerds.co.nr Says:

    If you found this interesting, please go to http://digg.com/mods/Hard_Drive_Case_Mod_(w_pics) and DIGG this article so more people will find it.

  22. LOUiS Says:

    This is a very cool, and funny project!
    Nice work and thanks for sharing.

  23. こぎ世į•Œã¯ä¸åŽŒå…¨ã ã€‚だから、įžŽã—い。 Says:

    hmmm… not so great looking.
    but very constructive.
    i like it when people do stuff like that.
    one of a kind thing 😛 nice job 🙂

  24. JungleJunk Says:

    I think it’s an awesome idea and a very origional mod. And the most important thing is that you like it and not that people think it looks stupid. I had a similar idea on making a case out of some dead old school processors but never got around to it. Nice job.

  25. SmokinTaco Says:

    Lame shit 🙂 my feelings

  26. chris Says:

    Would be damn heavy in case you need to lug it around…

  27. redgreen Says:

    Where’s the duct tape? I think the first reply had it pegged, it’s retarded. There is a point where taking X leftover items and making a case out of them, or any other device for that matter, has deminishing returns. Supergluing a bunch of junk together does not a cool project make.

    Now, if you’d made it so you could press a button, the old hard drives spooled up, and sparks started shooting out of them, that would be cool. This though, unfortunately isn’t.

  28. john Says:

    its great, the weight should be a nice theft deterent also. I know it would be too heavy for me to steal.

  29. anonymous Says:

    … right, a case of magnets house a computer…

  30. nohbdy Says:

    too heavy

  31. Brett Says:

    Pretty neat. It would be sweet if you could power the drives up, not to use of course just so people could see the spindles moving.

  32. TGS Says:

    It may not be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen but at least it has originality. It’s funny how many people used anonymous and then attacked me. I’ve been published 5 times, won a couple contests, and been featured on several websites for my work. Noobs do not bother me. The platters moving was just gonna be too many wires.

  33. brian Says:

    nothing like having a super heavy convection oven in your office….

    seriously…this is by far the dumbest/ugliest thing i have ever seen…the fact that
    you supposedly won awards for this makes me want take a hammer to the judges skulls.
    although…if you found a very large microwave…i would bet this would be a sight to see

    plus all this lame talk about a persons apparent lack of grammar on a message board makes
    me scream for some original comebacks.

  34. absent Says:

    this case is really retarded.

  35. rugelindinda Says:

    That mod is lizzy dizzy..that is ok.

  36. rugelindinda Says:

    EMAIL: kabukicho2001@hotmail.com

  37. » Hard Drive Case Mod (w/ pics) Says:

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  41. Michael Says:

    Here’s the ugliest PC case mod ever! http://wikigiz.com/2008/01/12/ugliest-ubuntu-box-of-all-time


  42. Car information blog » Blog Archive » Hard Drive Case Mod (w/ pics) Says:

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  43. A random guy Says:

    This is pretty epic. My only idea for an improvement would be to use http://case-mods.linear1.org/hard-drive-window-2/ and put them in a RAID array. Even without that, though, it looks very cyberpunk. Nice job. Also, do you have problems with heat? It looks like those drives would be a mean insulator.

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