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June 17, 2006

Extreme Electric Car

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This is not the Prius of electric cars. The X1 was designed for one purpose, to go fast.

“Wrightspeed builds extreme performance electric supercars. With advanced electric drive train technology, our cars raise the performance driving experience to a new level – while still returning 3 times better energy efficiency than the most efficient cars available.

Wrightspeed is building the X1, demonstrable today in a street-legal prototype, using lithium-ion batteries and a 3-phase electric motor. It has already raced against and beaten some of the world’s fastest production cars, while at the same time being 10 times more energy efficient than the cars it outperformed.”

Via: LeftLane and TechEBlog


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9 Responses to “Extreme Electric Car”

  1. flo Says:

    Its actually an Ariel Atom.
    on top gear…

    on fifth gear…

    Its an ufair test though… The ferarri and the Porsche aren’t dragsters, they’re road racers. Laps around Infineon’s regular road course its electric motors lack of a power band. Its performance and economy come form its wieght, 500kg. I would wager that the V10 on the porsche wieghts more then the atom. The atoms’ normal honda civic type-R motor would have the same success.

  2. flo Says:

    Laps around Infineon’s regular road course would show its electric motors lack of a power band…..

    fixed so it makes sense… sory….

  3. gone2surf Says:

    It’s just an ariel atom with an electric motor. one of the advantages with electric motors is that they give instant torque, so if they do make a production ready model, it would work well on a drag strip.

  4. eagle Says:

    Nice. If it has a installed Hybrid engine, it might be the ultimats street racer and a key to solving the fuel economy problem. Suggestion: Solar panels on the airbag place and around car.

  5. flo Says:

    Actually some kids in Philly took another kit car, a K1 Attack, and put the same electric motor in it with a VW diesle motor. If you google it you should find it….

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Flo,

    I think I found the car you are talking about,
    sweet car!

  7. flo Says:

    that is the one!

  8. guy Says:

    Who wants to ride in that piece of shit go-cart.

  9. Robert Green Says:

    If you’re interested in building one of these yourself, try out DIY Electric Car Forums. We have EV performance vendors that can help out with design and selecting parts.

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