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June 16, 2006

NES Controller Cellphone Mod

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Want a phone that will be unique looking, forget about going to the mall and buying a new faceplate. Make a phone out of an old Nintendo Controller.

“Relive the glory days with this NES Controller that has been modified into a cellphone. Everything is original – the buttons and casing. This modification uses a Nokia 3200 radio and electronics because it’s so easy to get the casing off and get to the good stuff. This is probably the only phone I’d ever wear on one of those nerdy hip-holsters.
Read on for instructions on making your own NES Controller phone.”


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4 Responses to “NES Controller Cellphone Mod”

  1. Rahul Says:

    link not wrkng

  2. bart Says:

    nice man ;]

  3. Q Says:

    just don’t use a Nintendo 64 controller our someone will kick your ass. you can however try using a banana, that would be interesting, or if you are feeling particularly brave, a dildo, then go use it in a crowded mall while a friend is taping you.

  4. kirabug’s idea files » Blog Archive » NES Controller Cellphone Mod Says:

    […] I was looking for a picture of a woman on the phone to use as a guide for tomorrow’s comic and I found this in the process. The world is an unusual place. […]

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