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June 15, 2006

LED Chaser

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Here is a nice simple LED light chaser from the Hacked Gadgets Forum. There is a full schematic provided, I am not sure if the author will be providing the chip code however.

“4 functions triggered by the length of time control button is pressed.
1. Tap once to change patterns.
2. Press and hold for 0.5 seconds until 2 Leds start flashing then release. Unit will power off.
3. Press and hold for 1.0 seconds until 3 Leds start flashing then release. Unit will toggle between Continuous and Cycle mode. Continuous mode is the default and repeats the present pattern in a loop. Cycle mode automatically runs all the programmed patterns. Each pattern repeats 3 times before changing.
4. Press and hold for 1.5 seconds until 4 Leds start flashing then release. Unit will toggle between Bright and Dim mode. Bright mode is the default. Dim mode supplies less power to the Leds to lower their brightness level.”


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15 Responses to “LED Chaser”

  1. Jeff Says:

    OMG, I must have one. Awesome! =)

  2. Trimbitas Sorin Says:

    I want to build one using an ATTiny2313. When it will be ready I’ll put here the link + source code.

  3. zak4000 Says:

    were can i get a code thingy for this???

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi zak4000,

    I would say best thing to do would be ask him in the forum:

  5. me Says:

    can some one help me i have no clue about the cables in the picture compared to the schematic email me at like2bme15@yahoo.com

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi me,

    The cable with the button is connected where the switch is in the schematic. The other cable is for power.

  7. will Says:

    has anyone figured out the code for this? its bugging me, ive tried and tried but i don’t have time between school and work and trying to sleep. even pointing in the right direction would be cool….

  8. Trimbitas Sorin Says:

    I made one using an AVR, you can look on the link below for an easy to understand Bascom code.
    Hope this helps


  9. Shawn Says:

    Is anybody willing to sell these in bulk?

  10. Anothercoilgun Says:


    See them at http://onlineauction.com

  11. dime Says:

    please for hex code for LED light chaser,thank you anyway:)))))))))

  12. Anothercoilgun Says:

    Haha lol. When Satin frees his souls I might consider giving up my code.

  13. dime Says:

    ahhahah thats nice :)))) ok i just ask and say please :)))))heheheh ,thanks for the answer anyway,

  14. dorel Says:

    Please for hex code for LED light chaser,thank you.

  15. Manish Says:

    Please for hex code for LED light chaser,thank you.

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