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June 14, 2006

Top 5 LEGO Rubber Band Guns

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1. Rapid Fire

This rapid fire LEGO gun looks like lots of fun. This is what you need on your side when the next office battle breaks out. Well I guess the Nerf USB Cannon might still win the battle…

2. Remote Controlled Gun

I need one of these for my front door. I can see who is there and get rid of them if I don’t want to talk to them.

“The entire unit is controlled via remote control from the IR port on the computer using RCX Test Panel, a Macintosh program created by John Woodward and Dave Baum that allows the user to manually control the motor outputs. There are two motor outputs–one rotates the turntable, and the other motor controls the trigger of the rubberband gun that sits above the camera.”

3. Eagle MK3

Here is a LEGO gun that looks like it can pack a punch!

“Because of the natural length of the Desert Eagle the Rubber Eagle has a good range and is fairly accurate. The trigger mechanism is very simple. The trigger releases a toothed wheel and this wheel releases the rubberband. That’s all. Unfortunately I was not able to build a mechanism that was able to fire more than one shot in a row like the commercial rubberband guns. If you know of a simple mechanism that can be build with standard LEGO bricks and old LEGO Technic pieces feel free to help me out.”

4. Machine Gun

This is a nice complex LEGO machine gun.

“This is the best view of the mechanism. The crank is turned clockwise. This causes the large gear on the left to turn counterclockwise, and the small pinion engaged with the rack on the bolt to also turn counterclockwise. The pinion pushes the bolt back, stretching the rubber band.
The gun is fired by the lever on the very left ‘falling’ into one of the gaps between the little rivet-like legos stuck in the gear (there’s two positions around the circumference without a piece in them). When the lever is able to fall back, it pulls the lever on the front back, and disengages the pinion that pulls the rack. The rack is then rapidly pulled back by the rubber band, ejecting the projectile out the back on the left. ”

5. Rapid Fire

See the step by step instruction to build this gun.

“I pretty much use the rubber band gun for shooting flies. I had modified a toy gun I had by taping a couple of pencils to the barrel to extend it to be much longer. The normal length of the barrel was much to short to shoot a rubber band with any kind of force. Unfortunately, I lost that gun.”


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33 Responses to “Top 5 LEGO Rubber Band Guns”

  1. mike Says:

    email me how to make these someone please they rock

  2. Rony Says:

    what store you buy these type of legos from and send me the instructions of how to make one. i want to make the rapid fire
    one that’s number one, the black one.


  3. Rony Says:


    this is some great creativity you guys have!

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Guys,

    You will have to email the creator if you need more details (links are beside the pictures). For the first one I could not find any more details. By the way if you come across more details please let me know and I will add it.

  5. Caleb Says:

    im working on the instructions for something like number 3 its pretty simple

  6. eric Says:

    I made one a lot like number one. I didn’t document instructions or anything, but i made an LDraw model. That way you can take it apart brick by brick to see the inner workings and probably build one.


  7. Neil Says:

    I just finished a LEGO mindstorms NXT rubberband launcher . Too bad it can only shoot 2 rubberbands compared to Sebastian Dick’s Ultimate Rubberband Gun thing, which can shoot approximately 64 shots…

  8. sam Says:

    thats cool i wish i had 1

  9. Oliver Says:

    Thanx eric I built one similar 2 your plans , except mine has a short barrel cuz I `ve only got small rubber bands.

    The mechanism workz really well , but i`ve tweaked the trigger a little 2 suit my hands

    Overall a great gun , I love it.

    Keep on gunnin !!!

  10. alejandro Says:

    this web site is truly awesome i wish you guys would teach me how to build some of these guns though

  11. Steve The Pirate Says:

    grate gun but its a shame i dnt av the rite parts to make it

  12. mike Says:

    does any one know how to make a triggerer for number one for NXT?

  13. Molten Says:

    Please someone send the instructions for the top one and the eagle to my website – thethingsjbb@hotmail.co.uk because these things are so cool

  14. lcepintceg Says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! efgjdotmwrxd

  15. ryan Says:

    hey i know i site with lots of pics for a lego rubberband gun thats an uzi thats semi/full auto if anybody wants the address just reply

  16. ryan Says:

    oh and its made by the guy who made the ultimate rubberband gun sebastion dick

  17. Dave Says:

    i have made a similair gun to the GumGun. it is REALLY simple, only i don’t know how to make a trigger that easily used

  18. mhsd Says:

    i want the adress of the site

  19. Ben Says:

    can i have the address for the semi/auto uzi, please please, i have builty the eagle with the instructions provided but its just a shame its a single shot

  20. ryan Says:

    oh sorry on a cruise, the address is http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=212805but unfortunatly i just learned that their shutting it down at 2007/07/31 or the end of this month

  21. Julz Says:

    Hey they are sweet guns! Can you email me the instructions for the gears on the first one if possible?

  22. vinni Says:

    i really want to make the machine gun can someone tell me where to find instructions?

  23. charles Says:

    can you send me the instruction to make the rapid fire lego rubberband gun please I love this gun

  24. vaille2 Says:

    can u send me how to make both rapid fires and that eagle

  25. rubber band gun plans Says:

    […] shooting flies. … Thanx eric I built one similar 2 your plans , except mine has a short barrel …http://hackedgadgets.com/2006/06/14/top-5-lego-rubber-band-guns/BackyardArtillery.comBackyardArtillery.com – What’s in your backyard? We have rubberband guns, […]

  26. bob Says:

    this is totally ausome!!!!!!!

  27. bob Says:

    i want the instructions for the eagle mk3!!!!

  28. bob Says:

    if possible kan i be emaled the imstruktions for the eagle mk3? plz

  29. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Click on the link in the MK3 section, the creator has provided step by step instructions.

  30. Matthew Says:

    please someone tell me the instructions of 1st place gun or the 5th place of the gun

  31. Dyan Fogarty Says:

    Dude, that lego crossbow is neat. I like how the color fits the theme of the gun. Too bad there are no other pictures with different point of views.

  32. max Says:

    I may have a mechanism that might be able to help you out with your problem but, I still need to try it out and can you give me some pointers,thanks.

  33. belle Says:

    i made the white and black pistal and it
    is awsome can you also try and make
    a rifle that shoots alastic bands
    me and my brother are making a rifle now
    im also on my laptop.

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