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June 14, 2006

Top 5 LEGO Rubber Band Guns

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1. Rapid Fire

This rapid fire LEGO gun looks like lots of fun. This is what you need on your side when the next office battle breaks out. Well I guess the Nerf USB Cannon might still win the battle…

2. Remote Controlled Gun

I need one of these for my front door. I can see who is there and get rid of them if I don’t want to talk to them.

“The entire unit is controlled via remote control from the IR port on the computer using RCX Test Panel, a Macintosh program created by John Woodward and Dave Baum that allows the user to manually control the motor outputs. There are two motor outputs–one rotates the turntable, and the other motor controls the trigger of the rubberband gun that sits above the camera.”

3. Eagle MK3

Here is a LEGO gun that looks like it can pack a punch!

“Because of the natural length of the Desert Eagle the Rubber Eagle has a good range and is fairly accurate. The trigger mechanism is very simple. The trigger releases a toothed wheel and this wheel releases the rubberband. That’s all. Unfortunately I was not able to build a mechanism that was able to fire more than one shot in a row like the commercial rubberband guns. If you know of a simple mechanism that can be build with standard LEGO bricks and old LEGO Technic pieces feel free to help me out.”

4. Machine Gun

This is a nice complex LEGO machine gun.

“This is the best view of the mechanism. The crank is turned clockwise. This causes the large gear on the left to turn counterclockwise, and the small pinion engaged with the rack on the bolt to also turn counterclockwise. The pinion pushes the bolt back, stretching the rubber band.
The gun is fired by the lever on the very left ‘falling’ into one of the gaps between the little rivet-like legos stuck in the gear (there’s two positions around the circumference without a piece in them). When the lever is able to fall back, it pulls the lever on the front back, and disengages the pinion that pulls the rack. The rack is then rapidly pulled back by the rubber band, ejecting the projectile out the back on the left. ”

5. Rapid Fire

See the step by step instruction to build this gun.

“I pretty much use the rubber band gun for shooting flies. I had modified a toy gun I had by taping a couple of pencils to the barrel to extend it to be much longer. The normal length of the barrel was much to short to shoot a rubber band with any kind of force. Unfortunately, I lost that gun.”