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June 13, 2006

Top 5 Spinning LED Displays

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1. 32 RGB LED Magic Ball

With a bunch of RGB (Red Green Blue) LEDs you can make a real cool display. This one was made using a Microchip 16F628 microcontroller and serial to parallel converter chips since the 16F628 doesn’t have 32 outputs.


Talk about life size. The SPIN display is massive and has a nice effect.

“We’ve all seen a train or a car whizzing past us in the night. If it’s close enough and we don’t move our heads rather quickly, we see that its lights appear as horizontal lines instead of moving dots. This is due to a characteristic of our eyes known as Persistence of Vision. A retina is capable of changing the data it sends to the brain only so fast. A quickly moving light appears to be in many places at once. If it’s on continuously, we see a solid line. If it’s flashing, we see a line of dots. This phenomenon can be thought of as the brain having a limited “frame rate”. Movies “work” only because of this limitation. We only think we’re seeing fluid motion around us because the brain is so good at piecing bits of data into continuous images and stories.”

3. Russian LED Display

Only one color, but the output looks clear. This site has more information but it loads very slowly…

“Hand pocket LED panel is a board with line of 48 super bright red LEDs controlled by microprocessor circuit. The microprocessor turns on the LEDs to show your image.
The LED panel the size is 280x30mm.
Power supply for the LED panel is 9V battery.
The display of words is carried out two times for one period of oscillations, at a forward and backward movement. It improves word brightness.”

4. 360° LED Display

OK this one is a commercial product so I guess it might not be fair to put it up against the others but I want to see more of these around. I am thinking if I knock out a few walls in my living room I should be able to fit it in there. 🙂

” Unlike conventional display which has red, blue and green color elements separated, the “360° LED Display”‘ flying red green and blue LEDs are turned on right at the same spot to create an effective pixel which makes the image perfectly crispy. The “360° LED Display”‘s real pixel has a size as fine as 2.5 by 2.5mm. Crisp and vivid images remain for any viewing distance and guarantee authentic video quality even for spectators close to the display.”

5. Virtual Game System

How to make a rotating LED display more cool? Make it into a video game!

“The mechanics is an essential part of this project since it is a mechanically scanned display. The system has basically two parts, one solid platform, and one rotating rotor. The rotor is a bar, with the graphics card in one end, and a balance weight in the other. On the graphics card, a Plexiglas bar is attached, with 16 LEDs (10mm) attached on it. To get a wider viewing angle of the LEDs they have been made rugged with sandpaper.

To get a more stable rotor, the motor is attached and rotating with the rotor, and the axle is mounted at the platform. The motor has an extra long axle, so the three ball bearings, for power supply and communications can fit between the rotor and the platform.”


Retin rated out 5Alley 516 reviews, and photos www.just-nature.eu/card/retin_a_generic.html . For topical of amelioration eliminating wrinkling, dermal wrinkling...

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17 Responses to “Top 5 Spinning LED Displays”

  1. Gwyllym Suter Says:

    interesting technology. interested in knowint a little more about your products.


  2. boris Says:

    cool stuff…

    should point out though… ‘persistence of vision’ happens to be a myth:





  4. reza Says:

    i want to make a spin display
    i made one of them with 89c51
    it was little
    i now learn work with fpga
    and want to make a larg of them
    i want use red and blue and green led
    can you help me for color ?

  5. Dragomir Says:

    As far as I know I’m the only one in the business who can deliver a great product with a reasonable price & waranty. Contact me for more video files http://www.bulsack.com

  6. Hexypoo Says:

    The pac man one. Yah, thats where its at.

  7. Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog » Blog Archive » April Comment Contest Winner Says:

    […] The comments have been fast and furious this month. Thanks to all of you for lots of great comments. The winner is Hexypoo, the winning comment was comment number 6 on the Top 5 Spinning LED Displays. Hexypoo will get the a $50 gift certificate to ThinkGeek. Below are a few examples of cool geek items that I would consider with the gift certificate. What will Hexypoo get? I am sure he will leave a comment to fill us in. […]

  8. arashdj Says:

    ineed hardware circuit 32 RGB LED Magic Ball
    and please send software for me and mor….


    we like to receive more informations for sell this product .

    thank for your attention ,

    Helvio Matzner

  10. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi HELVIO,

    I am not the creator of these projects. They have simply been featured on Hacked Gadgets. There is a link for each project in the text of each project. Please contact the creators directly, please note that as far as I know only the 360° LED Display is in production.

  11. Joe Says:

    32 RGB LED Magic Ball…. I dont know what languange used..

  12. raysim Says:

    Hi.. your 32 RGB LED Magic Ball is fantastic!! Can you give me some idea about this project because this related to my final year project.Actually i am use pic 16f877a to do this project and i am don’t no whether is enough to support the connection of RGB.Beside this i am curios how you connect it to shift register and the language i use is C.So i hope you will give me some comment and idea about you project.Thanks you

  13. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Raysim,

    You will have to contact the creator directly. The site is linked to in the article.

  14. raysim Says:

    Hi…thank you for the website link given but i don’t understand the language can you provide me other website about this project.thank you

  15. Alan Parekh Says:

    Sorry, that is the only link I have. You may want to run it through a translator or contact the creator via email.

  16. jawed Says:

    i need circuit diagram of above project………..if any one hav that then please mail me on “jawed.mnz@hotmail.com”

  17. priya shrivastava Says:

    really veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good

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