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June 9, 2006

Bottle Cap Laptop Hinge Repair

at 12:51 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks

Looking for a cheap way to fix that busted hinge on your old laptop? This hack might be the ticket you are looking for.

“Well, one day it fell down and the hinge + cover broke at the right side – a problem a lot of notebooks have as parts like the hinges, their covers and the TFT display often brake on notebooks. As a consequence of this, spare parts for such problems are available on Ebay & Co. but require a little investment in terms of at least US-$ 30 and if the battery is also run down, it doesn’t make sense to invest more money in an older machine. In case you have no other (stationary) use for such an inmobile computer (print/file server, router, etc.), it is wiser to sell it as a broken item for those guys who are willing to refurbish it again or use the remaining parts to repair other notebooks.”


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