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June 2, 2006

How to Build a Touchless Lightswitch

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Ryan from Googlemarks brought us the NERF Rifle a short time ago. Well he is back at it, this time he has built a microcontroller based capacitive sensor.

“Capacitive sensors have historically been regarded with fear and hostility among hobbyists. They’re notoriously flaky, unreliable, and difficult to design. Further, they traditionally fall in the “analog domain” which is something the casual microcontroller hobbyist can sometimes wince at. They usually require fancy shielding, and are unsettlingly sensitive to changes in things like temperature, humidity, air pressure, cosmic radition, my girlfriends feelings, and the mushroom kingdom stock market index.”

Via: Make


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5 Responses to “How to Build a Touchless Lightswitch”

  1. Rob Says:

    IM real excited about this tecnology. Do you think this idea could be combined with some of
    the things at the T.E.D. convention?

  2. Rhumor Says:

    This looks really cool. Do you think you could adapt this (or several of these) for use with gaming?
    Not sure what kind of games you would use it for, but i’m sure there’s some potential there. Even if just for the novelty value.

  3. zedomax.com Says:

    Speaker Milkshake Machine

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    Here’s how you shake a milkshake if you are a true engineer.
    The engineers way to shake a milkshake.
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    the system with a signal generator, and at the end, …

  4. Gadget Freak Says:

    Don’t touch the touchless lightswitch!

    It’s a miracle!…

  5. Best Coolest Diy Gadgets « Gadgets Blog Says:

    […] Touchless Lightswitch I’ve found lately though that capacitive detection doesn’t have to be so scary. With a few simple design rules and a little signal processing, you can do some immensely cool stuff with basically no effort at all. […]

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