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May 29, 2006

Home made solar boombox

at 6:37 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Here is an environmentally friendly way to listen to music. If you want to crank it, pray for a sunny day 🙂

“A while ago I got a pair of computer speakers for free from Newegg, when I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse for 21 USD. Now, I already had 3 pairs of computer speakers, and since we only have two computers, two pairs were just sitting there taking space and having no use.
I had some solar panels just lying around, as well as some rechargable batteries. So one day I came up with the idea of modding those speakers and transforming them into a digital boombox.”

Dance Dance Revolution a Mole

at 5:59 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Dance Dance Revolution a Mole uses a MPC823 microcontroller to bring it to life. This is a nice creative version of the old carnival Whack a Mole games.

“We set out with the goal of creating a Whack-A-Mole game with a twist. Whack-A-mole, for the unfamiliar, is a game in which puppet “moles” pop out of holes in a table-like surface, and the player (usually a child), must “whack” each mole with a padded mallet before it retreats back into its hole. The difference with our version is that the player would not be using a mallet, but rather a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) pad. The pad, which is a playstation controller, has eight steppable buttons, and the game is played by pressing on a button to “whack” a corresponding mole when it pops up. The other difference with our version was that the moles were not moles, but Malavs.”

Via: Hack a Day


Back to the Future DeLorean

at 3:31 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks

Here is a movie replica car taken to the max! The results are fantastic!

“Remember the Flux Capacitor we featured a couple weeks ago? The same seller has a 1983 DeLorean that has been done up as a near perfect replica of Dr. Emmett Brown’s creation in Back to the Future. The seller says that his replica is the best for your money after “several years of research” into the car. The DMC car comes with a “working” flux capacitor, programmable time circuits, movie accurate plutonium reactor and has only 12,000 miles. You can check out some footage of the working interior here and here. Now all you have to do is get one point twenty-one jigowatts of power, and you are ready to go.”

Via: TechEBlog


May 28, 2006


at 6:30 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment

This looks like way too much fun for two wheels!

“Wheelman is a stylish two-wheeler that brings together the best of surfing, skating and skiing concept gears. It cruises along on spokeless wheels triggered by a 43cc 2-stroke engine. Drivers can easily fix in their feet into the wheels and drive it whilst standing upright.

The oil holding capacity of the Wheelman is around one liter and delivers an hour and a half of smooth riding at a top speed of between 16-19mph, which is pumped via squeezing a pneumatic ball held in your hand. It steers with body and foot movements. ”

Via: Gizmo Watch


7-11 Extreme Gulp Hack

at 2:03 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks

Want to rip off 7-11? Is getting 3.2 Liters of soda for $0.89 good enough? That’s what these university students did

“We dremeled around the edge and were able to, with pliers, tear out the internal plastic layer. Under that is a high density foam, which is somewhat of a pain to breakup and remove, but it doesn’t stick to the edges, so that was nice.”

Two Liter Pop Bottle Launcher

at 5:38 am. Filed under DIY Hacks

This bottle launcher looks like it would be lots of fun to use.

“It works like this: Fill the bottle up with water about one third of the way up. Set the air compressor to a pressure which you think is reasonable (high pressure = greater risk of explosion and injury). Put the bottle on the launcher and hold it tight against the rubber seal on the bottom. One person opens the valve to the air compressor until the person holding the bottle on the launcher can not hold onto the bottle any longer, and it shoots to the sky. Pretty simple, but a lot of fun.”

May 27, 2006

Pyrokinetics Fire Pendulum

at 6:20 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks

This is one of those things that you just have to watch. This pendulum was created by Danya Parkinson and Joe Bard of Pyrokinetics and is simply amaizing to watch.

” The best part of our adventure by far, and what this is all about for us, is being able to share ourselves with the people who are special in our lives. It is important for us to give our thanks to all those who were there with us, from our closest friends to all the people who ever had a kind word. Thanks for all the love, support and help.”

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