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May 29, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution a Mole

at 5:59 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Dance Dance Revolution a Mole uses a MPC823 microcontroller to bring it to life. This is a nice creative version of the old carnival Whack a Mole games.

“We set out with the goal of creating a Whack-A-Mole game with a twist. Whack-A-mole, for the unfamiliar, is a game in which puppet “moles” pop out of holes in a table-like surface, and the player (usually a child), must “whack” each mole with a padded mallet before it retreats back into its hole. The difference with our version is that the player would not be using a mallet, but rather a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) pad. The pad, which is a playstation controller, has eight steppable buttons, and the game is played by pressing on a button to “whack” a corresponding mole when it pops up. The other difference with our version was that the moles were not moles, but Malavs.”

Via: Hack a Day


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3 Responses to “Dance Dance Revolution a Mole”

  1. stepmania Says:

    Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR (known as Dancing Stage in Europe) is a music video game series produced by Justddr.
    Compatible with PS, PS2, XBox and PC USB (no driver needed). Preassembled by 9-pieces of stainless steel, all sides and middle being reinforced with chrome metal plates and brackets, will never break. Dancing platform with handle. Bring the Arcade experience home. Metallic heavyweight model with hand crafted. Equips a 3 in 1 PS/2/XBOX/USB Control Box, and the XBOX and USB cables are designed with a breakaway port. Touch sensitive technology, excellent response from buttons. Silent when pressing the arrows. Suitable for Dance Dance Revolution and all other dancing games.

  2. Metal pad Says:

    Metal Pad Tx2000
    Includes control box for PlayStation/PlayStation 2/XBOX/USB compatibility

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