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May 28, 2006

Two Liter Pop Bottle Launcher

at 5:38 am. Filed under DIY Hacks

This bottle launcher looks like it would be lots of fun to use.

“It works like this: Fill the bottle up with water about one third of the way up. Set the air compressor to a pressure which you think is reasonable (high pressure = greater risk of explosion and injury). Put the bottle on the launcher and hold it tight against the rubber seal on the bottom. One person opens the valve to the air compressor until the person holding the bottle on the launcher can not hold onto the bottle any longer, and it shoots to the sky. Pretty simple, but a lot of fun.”


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2 Responses to “Two Liter Pop Bottle Launcher”

  1. Barrett Says:

    thats kind of a crappy version, if you look on the internet theres versions that use the heads on zip ties to hold the rocket back. If you want some serious power thats the way I did it.

  2. Elbarfo Says:

    Thats a big version of the little plastic rockets that you could buy when I was a kid. They even had 3 stage versions back then. Looks neat.

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