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May 26, 2006

Game Boy, LEGO Hack

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The XRC is a cool new controller that allows you to use for your Game Boy that is collecting dust.

” The Xport Robot Controller (XRC) turns the Game Boy Advance and standard LEGO components into an advanced robot development system.

The XRC combines the features of the Xport plus
* 4 closed-loop back-EMF motor controllers
* 16 digital sensor inputs
* 8 analog sensor inputs
* In-system NiCd, NiMH battery charger
* Battery voltage monitor
* Comprehensive open-source software
* Optional Bluetooth and other accessories”

Via: Make Forum


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3 Responses to “Game Boy, LEGO Hack”

  1. Luminosity Says:

    how much did it cost

  2. Mizzouse.com » LEGO Robot Balances On Two Wheels, Segway Style Says:

    […] There have been several LEGO creations in the past, from machines that build LEGO cars (built entirely of LEGOs themselves) to robots controlled by Game Boys to life-size statues.  This LEGO mindstorms bot mimics the Segway to deliver self-balancing goodness.  Push it around and it will stay upright automatically.  However, it doesn’t look like it does anything, you know, useful. […]

  3. Retro Gameboy iPhone Case! Says:

    […] Gameboys have been hacked very much so, even after decades after its first announcement, not a bad idea to stick it on your iPhone, which may be hacked for the next decade too. […]

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