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May 23, 2006

Douchenator Water Balloon Launcher

at 12:10 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks

If you have the need to launch something farther than you can throw it, the Douchenator Water Balloon Launcher may be what you need. Simple to build and is sure to be lots of fun until someone loses an eye.

Watch the video.

“The launcher will shoot anything from a golf ball to a tennis ball at extremely high speed and extremely far. For wadding, a tennis ball can works best. For the valve, use a solenoid or metal ball valve at least 1 1/4″ in size.”


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12 Responses to “Douchenator Water Balloon Launcher”

  1. Craig Says:

    I was bored this independence day so i figured that this such project would take up a good afternoon.

    I dont have pictures to post yet, but overall, I’d say my attempt at a launcher went rather smoothly.

    though my local hardware store is serverely defficient in some areas, I managed to scrounge together the appropriate length of 3″ pvc, a 2″ pvc valve, and the neccessary fittings and endpiece.

    with a 2′ long pressure chamber and a regular tennis ball can for wadding, the first shot at 20 psi went a good thirty feet straight up.

    subsequent shots at 40, 60, and 80 psi all went out of sight, though probably because it was dark by the time we were firing, and there was lots of ambient smoke from the children’s fireworks.

    I dont want to try any higher than 100 psi with my current setup, it doesnt quite feel secure enough to go higher than 80, and there is a minor leak in the chamber that doesnt help much.

  2. Craig Says:

    heh, had a bit of an accident with it. i managed to embed a 6′ length of 2″ pvc pipe 22″ into an inch of plywood celing 20′ above the ground.

    i’ve got pics too

  3. Jim Maule Says:

    My son and I spent the weekend building one of these. Now we are just waiting for the
    valves to come in the mail. I just do not understand the wadding? Pringles can? HELP.

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Craig,

    Those are some impressive results!

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Wadding is a device that does not allow the air to move past the object being propelled. For example if you are shooting an egg the wadding would allow the full force of the air to push the egg out.

    If a Pringles can fits into the opening snugly then that would be a good choice. On some of my launchers I have used a large bunch of paper crumpled up and then tapped into a nice round ball that just fit snug in the barrel. A bit of WD-40 helped it slide nice and free while not allowing air past.

    Hope this helps…

  6. baz Says:

    i never build stuff like this… are the items u need to buy expensive? what will it cost alltogether to make? is there newhere u can buy it?

  7. max Says:

    i built one and i was wondering if it would be possible to add aerosol fuel and use it like a spud gun

  8. Todd Says:

    To whom it may concern

    The name Balloon Bazooka is a registered trademark, please remove any text
    or product names that uses Balloon and or Bazooka together…

    If your device launches using compressed air, this device is already
    patented since 1985, you must remove any photos, videos, text, or
    instructions, because you did not invent this device…

    Remove in next 14 days or face serious legal action…

    There will not be a second warning!!

    T. R. Hartzell


    Air Power Tech., Corp.
    Todd R. Hartzell, President
    7901 Ocoee Court
    Raleigh, NC 27612 – 7329
    (919) 783-8633 Office
    (919) 623-4661 Mobile
    (919) 882-8200 Fax

    Balloon BazookaR is a registered trademark of Air Power Tech., Corp.



  9. Collins Says:


    Todd, honey… Your patent is over 20 years old and completely worthless now. So put it back in your pants and quit threatening backyard adventurers. Oh… and maybe if you weren’t chargin’ 200 bucks for your contraption, people’d buy it more.

    Thanks Darlin’

  10. Todd Says:

    Our Entry Model is $119.95, and our patents, and our Registered Trade Mark do have a lot of bite… You have been WARNED!! Try to explain to the dead or injured children’s parents why your plastic air tank exploded when filled with compressed air… When there is not one PVC engineer on the planet that will tell you that PVC plastic is safe for air pressure..

  11. Ron Says:

    Hi, allan P. can you send me the plan or information for your water balloon launcher?

  12. John Says:

    What about swapping the ball valve for a standard sprinkler valve and a trigger. Any idea what the pressure rating is on a standard sprinkler valve? Thanks!

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