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May 18, 2006


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This is an interesting NERF Gun. Simple to make and looks like lots of fun!

“The rifle is made almost entirely out of PVC pipe. The exception is the sprinkler valve (which is has a PVC mating fixture) the pump, and the electronics, which are just some bits of wire, a few batteries and a switch. It is pressurized by a bike tire pump, which is mounted permanently to the gun, and attached to the tank with an automotive tire valve.

The PVC parts I used were:

* A length of 1″ PVC (maybe 2 feet)
* A length of 1/2″ PVC (several feet, used for the barrel)
* 2 1″ PVC Tee Junctions
* A 1″ x 2″ non-threaded PVC bushing
* A 2″ x 3″ Reducer
* A length of 3″ PVC (for the tank, anywhere from 8-18″)
* A 1″ PVC end cap. This cap must be FLAT on the inside, not curved as some caps are.”



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33 Responses to “DIY NERF Rifle”

  1. drew Says:

    How did you make this? I want to make one. Please tell!

  2. cowboy Says:

    I will make one for shooting pilates balls. 🙂

  3. Carter Minter Says:

    Dear Guys,
    I would love to get some detailed plans to make one off these for our Nerf Tag game.
    Merry Christmas

  4. yasha Says:

    Hey Could I buy that off you?

  5. alek Says:

    i would really appreciate it if you could send me the plans for this nerf rifle, it sure seems to kick ass, and i would love to have one of my own.

    thanks from aleks

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Alek,

    Click on the link, there are full instructions over at Google marks! This project was just featured here…

  7. george Says:

    what the hell do that?

  8. Vincent Says:

    Man, that’s completely insane! I’m gonna build my own now!!!But, is there any danger of the tank exploding by overpressurizing it (mine is made of 4mm thick PVC with massive wooden plugs at both ends sealed wil glue)?

  9. Hexypoo Says:

    Thats so hot its not even funny. I had friends in HS that used to build this kinda stuff.

  10. Porjio Says:


  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Porjio,

    The link is in the first sentence.
    It goes here:

  12. Porjio Says:


  13. ryan Says:

    if you did make one for a nerf game, Carter, it would be wayy to big to carry

  14. Tyler Says:

    Dude that gun is sweet. Could you give intsructions on how to make one? If not then dont worry about sending a message I’ll
    understand since it’s a one of a kind. Thanks

  15. Austin Says:

    sweet can i get the plans to that thing

  16. will Says:

    wen i look for the plans it comes up with stir your tea eith a wrench wtf plz help me!!!

  17. PeNuMbRa Says:

    yeah, your project is genious,is really great! i have to agree.
    but what kind of ammonition do you use?
    for i see, it lookslike a candle, or something like that.
    i am starting the weapon construction, and i need to know
    (nobody can shoot without bullets, right?)
    so, i thanks for you

    your project is so fabulous


  18. 你好我来自中国!! Says:


  19. rbrtlux Says:

    when i click link it says error 404 not found. is there any way you or someone can send me a good link or detailed instructions on how to make?

  20. Alan Parekh Says:

    It looks like the site is down right now. I would give it a try in a day or two.

  21. rbrtlux Says:

    thank you for the response. actually the only help i need on this gun is detailed instructions on how the trigger/toggle switch is wired up to the two 9 volt batteries and the sprinkler valve? and what is the section of PVC called for the loading chamber for the nerf dart so i know what to ask for at LOWES? once i know the answers to those Q’s i can fabricate the gun myself and if anyone else has a response would be greatly appreciated.

  22. NINO Says:

    Vendame tu xxxxx porfa en peru _ san martin – tarapoto – 526433

  23. Hodie Says:

    please, could you help me to adapt my gun?
    I built all external part, all the mechanism. that’s all almost
    perfect. but in the connections, there is lacking. how can i solute
    this problem? please, add me to e-mail. i really need help.
    i really liked your project, and i think it is very interesting.

    sorry for my english, i’m from Brazil XD.

  24. yo yo ma Says:

    that is ttly kick ass
    dude ur awesome

  25. sykadelllicpez Says:

    can you send me the link for the instructions on how to build it

  26. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi sykadelllicpez,

    The link used to take you to the build article. You may have to ask the guy at Gogglemarks for the instructions directly.

  27. nerf24 Says:

    hi i was wondering if you could contact me and give me the plans to this gun and let me know how much it cost you to make.

  28. Alan Parekh Says:

    Looks like the main site that has some details has gone away.

  29. PeNuMbRa Says:

    Hi, in the previous commentary i said i was making a new gun, or something like that. That’s because i’m planning. Add me if you want to make contact. My e-mail address is added with this messenger. I’ll add you when i come online.

    See you soon!

    (sorry for my badly english in the last messenger, that’s because i was learning english when i send it)

  30. nerf24 Says:

    alan, is there any way you can ask the guy at googlemarks and get the plans for us many people would love to have them, especially me i have been want ing to build this gun for years.

  31. nerf24 Says:

    also how will i be able to contact the guy a googlemarks directly. if any one made this gun help me out and make some instructions please.

  32. gabriel619 Says:

    Wow man awsome gun I was wondering if you can give me the plans to the nerf rifle to see if it work.

  33. Homemadenerf Says:

    Nice build. Do you find the bike/pressurized chamber gets more power than a spring and plunger system? How do you feed the ammunition? I’m looking at a similar system or a plunger system for a long range rifle build to look similar to a remington 700 rifle(think sniper).

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