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April 25, 2006

Top 5 Dead Hard Drive Projects

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Hard Drive Generator

You might remember this one from a few weeks ago, those hard drive magnets are very powerful and if you have enough of them you can do some interesting things.
“In summary the original “Stepper – Wind Generator” actually produced power, albeit limited to 1 or 2 watts on a really windy day. The “PM – Gen (Ver. 2.0)” Was easily a tenfold increase but limited to charging 6V and 8V golf cart batteries as it rarely gets windy enough on a consistent basis for reliable 12V charging. The aim of this project “HD Gen” is to make at least a 100Watt unit that can be easily duplicated.”

Without a good source of strong magnets mrkooo in Peru used a bunch of hard drive magnets for his wind generator which has a blade diameter of 2 meters.
“I broke them in 2 pieces in order to have one pole. The problem is that now I have very little magntes. My winds are #21 wire and 160 turns, I expect to obtain al least 12V to charge a battery.”