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April 17, 2006

Guitar Hero Goes Wireless

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Want to rock out with Guitar Hero free of the confinement of wires? Check out the wireless mod that Jeff came up with. There is a full parts list on his site if you want to mod your own.

” The good news is that there is no perceptible lag. You can jam on the buttons or work the whammy bar and what you do is instantaneously reflected on screen.

The bad news is that I’m still limited by my less than stellar Guitar Hero skills. (I’m working it out on medium right now.) But when I have my buds over they play on hard and expert with the wireless guitar, and happily report that it works just like its wired counterparts.

Wireless daughterboard to the left, pack with NiMH rechargables to the left of it. The black cable leading from the top of the daughterboard goes to the power/activity indicator, and the DIP switches towards the top of the board allow the wireless channel to be changed.
The clear shielded cable at the top goes to the daughterboard and leads to the charging port on the guitar.
A black shielded (audio-style) cable maintains the audio gear look, and goes from the charging port on the guitar to the Playstation 2’s USB port for charging. (and/or playing while charging.) ”


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3 Responses to “Guitar Hero Goes Wireless”

  1. pink soup Says:

    hey im curious. does this stuff work for the 360 guitar? if not where can i find that mod?

  2. Guitar Hero Robot - Guitar Heronoid : Teknicks Blog Says:

    […] Rafael Mizrahi has put some serious work into this Guitar Hero Robot called Guitar Heronoid. If you are not very good at Guitar Hero this robot may be what you need to get some high scores. If this hack it a bit to hard, why not go wireless first. […]

  3. guitar bodies Says:

    hello! Can I ask what theme are you using in your blog? thanks!

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