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April 16, 2006

Griffin Itrip Nano Antenna Hack

at 9:35 am. Filed under DIY Hacks

Having reception problems with your Itrip or another FM transmitter? Well you are not alone! Jojoskarr (Joe) came up with an interesting idea that uses items that you probably already have collecting dust in a closet. A USB cable, small transformer and come Coax cable is what he used to solve his iPod Nano reception woes.

“After experimenting I stumbled across the wonders of how coaxial cable works great for an antenna. I noticed that the bottom of the Itrip Nano offers a usb connector, actually a usb mini b connector. I noticed that holding a coaxial cable up to this usb jack that the reception was awesome”

Once you gather the parts, putting it together should take a few minutes. Joe has spoken to Griffin about the idea and was told that FCC regulations would not allow them to create such a device. So if the FCC police come after you don’t say you weren’t warned 🙂

“She doesn’t look to pretty but works, major. I tested this antenna extension and made it two blocks from my house while still transmitting…”

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9 Responses to “Griffin Itrip Nano Antenna Hack”

  1. JJ Says:

    Nice hack!

    Is the transformer needed? Or is it just a way of connecting the USB to the Coax cable? So it goes 2 blocks now, how far did it go before?

  2. Joe Says:


    Thanks JJ, No need for the transformer.. just a cleaner way to get from coax to usb :).. only transmitted a few feet from the stereo b4 antenna add on. A simple test with these transmitters is just to hold up a coax cable to the unit and you will hear the improvement. jojoskarr

  3. Googler Says:

    Nice simple design. People are always bitchin about poor quality with those things. This is a nice simple and cheap solution! One question though, does it pickup engine electrical noise or is the sound clean?

  4. Joe Says:

    Hi, thanks again,.. totally clean..

  5. D.Dub Says:

    Hey cool idea. Unfortunately I dont have any of those parts lying around. I guess next time I go to an electronics store I’ll have to take a look around.

  6. Venkitachalam Says:

    hey joe,
    is it possible to use a similar setup as an external antenna for a mobile handset?

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    That should work Venkitachalam, just look up how long the antenna should be (wavelength) for optimal performance.

  8. Griffin Itrip Nano Antenna Hack « Mods Says:

    […] read more | digg story […]

  9. Brett Says:

    A great 1/4 wave length calculator (1/4 of the ACTUAL FM wave length in feet/inches) is at http://www.crompton.com/wa3dsp/hamradio/antcalc.html

    I.e. 98 Mhz is about 28.65 inches. I used 98 b/c it is the middle of the FM band.


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