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April 16, 2006

5 Volt Potato Battery

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Seems people are getting creative when making batteries. We aren’t seeing the typical fruit batteries that everyone has made in high school. An example of a creative battery that you might remember from a few months ago is the penny battery. Well I would have to say this potato battery is a step up in creativity. I wouldn’t have thought you could make a battery out of potatoes, but I guess I am wrong! It isn’t a very efficient battery since it weighs 500 lbs and packs less punch than a small 9 Volt battery.

“Batteries work by allowing electrons to pass from one electrode to another. In this case the potato provides phosphoric acid, which enables a chemical reaction causing electrons flow from copper to zinc. The zinc came from galvanized nails and copper came from small pieces of copper. You don’t have to use potatoes; any acidic medium such as citrus fruit will work. I chose potatoes because they are traditional and cheap.

Each potato generates about 0.5 volts and 0.2 milliamperes. I connected groups of potatoes together in series to increase voltage and then connected these groups together in parallel to increase amperage. The entire 500 lb battery generated around 5 volts and 4 milliamperes.”

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6 Responses to “5 Volt Potato Battery”

  1. john Says:

    quote from the article:
    wouldn’t have thought you could make a battery out of potatoes, but I guess I am wrong!

    Ummm, I learned this back in 6th grade science class.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi John,

    I guess I must have missed that class 🙂

  3. angie Says:

    may i know the limitations of these
    5 Volt Potato Battery? please.. because I
    need it to our physics project.
    thank you

  4. angie Says:

    by the way im from Philippines..

  5. Beer Battery - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] have seen some some strange batteries before, the potato battery comes to mind. When I think of beer, electrolyte isn’t the first thing I think of but the […]

  6. rodrigo Says:

    O.k if 2 potatoes makes 1 volt than im more than sure that 500 pounds of potatoes should make alot more volts than just 5 volts

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