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April 9, 2006

DIY Credit Card Reader

at 11:31 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Using a card reader that was purchased for $1.50 Mondo Technology used a PIC12F675 to bring it to life.

“The unit provides the magnetic head on a spring mechanism along with low level head signal amplifiers and data slicers. Three signal lines comming from the unit provide card presence, clock, and data. When actively reading a card, it draws about 50ma of current at 5 volts.”


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54 Responses to “DIY Credit Card Reader”

  1. maison Says:

    hi everyone
    i need skimmer blueprints….and from what materials can i make a skimmer? help please

  2. Shadyman Says:

    What’s scary are the number of people here blatantly ASKING for skimming code and parts. SKIMMING IS ILLEGAL.

    Also, the amount of comment-spam is just awful. Alan, can you do anything about that, please?

    Anatomy of a spam post:
    Random-name, fake/invalid website (What’s a http://www.www.www? or an http://none?), some random but similar comment asking about borderline or blatantly illegal activites, and then a request to email, along with an email address at the end of the comment, when they’ve already supposedly put their email in the email address box.

  3. The Supervisor Says:

    Well I’m a professional electronics and embedded systems Engineer. I reckon I could probably hack/crack anything, but it took me many years to learn how to do this. I’m not surprised to see that many posters here are clearly very naive criminals. Listen very carefully. Buying gear on the net and using it without a very good understanding of how all the associated infrastructures work WILL get you in GAOL (thats JAIL for those who only speak yankee).
    The correct way is to learn all about the technology first….and then you’ll find you can earn far more money by working legally!.

  4. jason Says:

    is there a way to use this with gift cards? hit me up via email I have questions dailyplanetdude@yahoo.com

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