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March 31, 2006

Xbox 360 goes liquid

at 8:33 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks, Digg, DIY Hacks

The aims of the project were to:
a) Reduce the noise level
b) See if I could do it
I was not looking to lower the temperature to improve the stability. Ive heard reports in forums of the 360 overheating but I have not noticed this myself.

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6 Responses to “Xbox 360 goes liquid”

  1. xbox joe Says:


  2. ryan Says:

    as much as i hate xbox that is the coolest thing i have ever seen

  3. Yonnie Says:

    hey thats a nice looking setup.. looks very professional.
    if u could please email me the info on were u purchased this and any helpfull tips or tricks u could tell me would be great..

  4. charlesss Says:

    Game on guys, I play games all day long and not planning to change that anytime soon! 😀

  5. boxmods Says:

    Hey, Looks like you have a really great setup there. I had one question where did you find that waterblock? i have been looking for one like that for some time now. any help would be great :).

  6. denning buechner Says:

    i would really like to know how to do this so if u can send me some specs or blue prints to do it

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