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March 30, 2006

Mini ITX Commodore 64 Project

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Can your Commodore 64 play DVDs? I didn’t think so… If you want it to check this out!

“The nice compact layout, the onboard features, the impulse-buyer-friendly price and the power (enough for the usual stuff while I have to feed my P4 with SETI or Folding@home just to keep it from becoming bored), had not passed unnoticed. I didn’t care too much about the power consumption, you need an power outlet anyway if you want to do some serious work or want to see the end of the DVD for that matter. Didn”t care about reviews talking nonsense about gaming performance and other trivia. Didn”t care at all. The Geek inside talked in its authoritive voice: “Buy one, buy one! You must! Must!” The Geek inside usually wins, especially around payday. This time it won without a struggle. Payday was yesterday…”

See page 2 for more pictures


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2 Responses to “Mini ITX Commodore 64 Project”

  1. Pete Says:

    That would freak out my guests 🙂 Have this system in the media room and slap in a DVD when guests come over! A bit of old and a lot of new… Great idea.

  2. Nuudelisoppa » Mini ITX Commodore 64 Project Says:

    […] Hacked Gadgets Vlk […]

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