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March 30, 2006

Hack a Hummer Off Road Game into a Commodore 64

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David Murray took the $20 Hummer Off Road Racing game and converted it into a working Commodore 64. Included on his site are instructions on how to hack the audio, video circuits to work better.

“Inside, it contains the Commodore 64 DTV chip, designed by Jeri Ellsworth. It is the same chip being sold inside the Commodore 64 DTV Joystick currently being sold in Europe. (DTV = Direct to TV) This chip is, in essence, and entire Commodore 64 reduced down to a single chip. However, it has many new features that make it more powerful than a 24 year old Commodore 64. It has new graphics modes, new sound features, a lot more RAM, and a Flash-ROM.”

Alternate Link

See page 2 for more pictures


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4 Responses to “Hack a Hummer Off Road Game into a Commodore 64”

  1. Doug Says:

    And to think I bought a C-64 for hundreds of dollars when it came out 🙁 This is a great hack but is anyone making a normal C-64 retro computer using this chip? Or is its only purpose games?

  2. Nerd Arts » Blog Archive » C64 DTV Hacking Says:

    […] Hack a Hummer Off Road Game into a Commodore 64 […]

  3. anon Says:

    c-64 was $99 when it came out, how i know?
    got a receipt baby!
    still working and still used every now and again

  4. DrillSgtO Says:

    $99 probably in the late 80’s, because I bought a Vic-20 in 1982 for $299 in K-Mart, and when the C64 came out later it was in the $500 price range, but was able to buy one in the Post Exchange for $199 later on.

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