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March 28, 2006

LED Disco Bar

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Check out David Worden’s computer controlled Disco Bar with 128 LEDs! He used control boards from Dropout Design.

“Yes, I would sell my bar. A minimum of $5,000. Yes, its a rediculously high price that no one would ever pay, but it would have to be worthwhile for me to sell it with all the work I put into it.

The bar is very safe actually. I have epoxy pretty much everywhere on the top, so its totally liquid proof. As for inside the cabinet, I’ll be putting some type of protection over the controller boards so in case someone reaches inside, they dont have to worry about bumping anything. They are already out of reach, but better safe than sorry.”

See page 2 for more pictures


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7 Responses to “LED Disco Bar”

  1. Scott Says:

    This thing is awesome!!! $5000 doesn’t seem all that bad of a price either. It is totally unique.

  2. CK1 Says:

    I can think of lots of great uses for those control boards!! Doesn’t seem like they are available yet though 🙁

  3. Paul O Says:

    Nice video. I don’t need a bar but a coffee table would be cool.

  4. Hacked Gadgets » Blog Archive » Interactive LED Dining Table Says:

    […] Seems to be a table theme going here. This table is sure to keep your guests entertained! I am not sure which one I like more, this one or the LED Disco Bar? If colored LEDs aren’t your thing why not have a look at a white LED table. “We made a dining table with a frosted glass top lit by 448 multicolored LEDs that respond, in a complex and gentle fashion, to input generated by motion above the table while we eat. The LEDs are controlled by a 16-node 1-D analog computer network. Each node has an amplified photodiode that senses changes in ambient light above its region of the table. An analog integrator (memory) averages that signal along with input from its neighbors, and the resulting signal is used to drive one of two strands of 14 LEDs (depending on polarity) with intensity that depends on the integrated value. Each node consists of one photodiode, one quad op-amp IC, nine resistors, and four capacitors that we hand-soldered onto a tiny piece of plain perfboard. We mounted the nodes to sheets of masonite pegboard, such that the output LEDs fit through the holes. After (a dozen or so evenings of) soldering, the pegboard with its electronics and a power supply was set into a stained-wood table frame that we made out of birch and poplar, and topped with glass recycled from a desk top.” […]

  5. Joe S. Says:

    Totally BadAss bar table! Absolutely amazing all the different lighting effects it can do! You really should consider marketing something like it! While $5000 does sound a bit much, if you were able to produce them in larger quantities it would bring the price down a bit. I’m sure you would have no problem selling them in the $2-3,000 range as it would certainly be a great conversation piece and look totally cool in anyone’s home. Very Cool!

  6. jp Says:

    dude… vegas will give perhaps 12k per table… go into business!! fast before someone else does. there are already similar things about las vegas and i assure you a gaming est can match any price since they pull about 2 mil /day…

  7. D R Sakoll Says:

    $ 5000 is affordable price so i think a lots of great uses for those control boards!! Doesn’t seem like they are available yet though.

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