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February 27, 2006

Hacking the Devantech SFR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder

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Bert van Dam wanted to alter the default operation of his SRF04 Range Finder. Some Lego, a bit of JAL microcontroller programming and a VB computer program has made an interesting project. Bert has made a number of other interesting projects, have a look.

“The Devantech SFR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder indicates the distance to the closest object within range. Echo’s that arrive later are received and processed, but subsequently ignored. For a true radar all signals should be taken into account. So, time to heat up the old soldering iron and make some modifications to the Devantech SFR04 circuit board. We will add a wire to the ‘raw signal line’ and process the incoming data ourselves. ”


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