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February 11, 2006

Power Glove Mouse

at 4:53 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Insane Equipment

Want to use your Power Glove as a mouse? Look no further, this is an interesting project to do just that.

“The first step in making the pMouse is, of course, taking all the goods apart. I started with the component of the powerglove on the back of the hand. Once the black plastic casing is removed you can see the circuit board inside with lots of wires going to both the fingers and the arm portion of the Powerglove circuitry. If you can manage to flip the board over without dissconnecting any wires, you will be able to see where the finger sensors are connected. Basically, all the fingers are are variable resistors. When a finger is bent the resistance through the finger is increased.”


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7 Responses to “Power Glove Mouse”

  1. vulefu Says:

    Minority report.
    Very nice!

  2. niel Says:

    can you gave us the complete circuit diagram of power glove mouse…..thank you…pls

  3. niel Says:

    this is my email!!!step by step to how connect all the components…..thank you

  4. niel Says:

    this is my email!!!step by step to how connect all the components…..thank you…ronnellagman@yahoo.com…thanks

  5. aneesa Says:

    i want more detail and circuit diagram on this project pls send information on my e-mail

  6. nayan Says:

    give full specification of glove mouse because i want to make glove mouse for my final year project.

  7. nayan Says:

    my mail id is chauhannayan8@gmail.com

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