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February 8, 2006

Creating a Battery from Pennies

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The Superpositioned site has an interesting article about making a battery out of some pennies, an ice cube tray and a few paper clips. The battery is shown powering an LED.

“In order to turn pennies into batteries, another electrode and an electrolyte are needed. In this case, dimes (zinc) are used as the positive electrodes and salt water is used an electrolyte. Copper wire, galvanized nails, and lemon juice are also popular and cheaper solutions. Such a battery produces a differential of about 0.5 volts.”

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3 Responses to “Creating a Battery from Pennies”

  1. Hacked Gadgets » Blog Archive » 5 Volt Potato Battery Says:

    […] Seems people are getting creative when making batteries. We aren’t seeing the typical fruit batteries that everyone has made in high school. An example of a creative battery that you might remember from a few months ago is the penny battery. Well I would have to say this potato battery is a step up in creativity. I wouldn’t have thought you could make a battery out of potatoes, but I guess I am wrong! It isn’t a very efficient battery since it weighs 500 lbs and packs less punch than a small 9 Volt battery. […]

  2. Hexypoo Says:

    yup, not so cost efficient.

  3. wtf? Says:

    wat the heck

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