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February 6, 2006

RFID Chips in Food?

at 12:23 pm. Filed under Funny Hacks, What Were They Thinking

Now that RFID tags are a measly .005 x .005 inches and is 7.5 micrometers thick. A host of new tagging options are available. Gone will be the day when you ask for a check at the end of a meal at the restaurant. Simply order what you want, eat and get scanned at the cash register on the way out. Mixed in with the pepper on your hot dog will be a few grains of hot dog identifying RFID tags. As an added benefit, restaurants will not have to worry about the dreaded dine and dash. Dashers will be met by an electronically locked door when a scanner by the door recognizes that unpaid RFIDs are attempting to leave the premises.


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11 Responses to “RFID Chips in Food?”

  1. Don Says:

    The greedy globalist corporations will go to no lengths
    to maximize profits at the expense of anyone and everyone!
    Including tracking and tracing even our colons…..
    (Food for thought? Was It the right-hand of the hotdog
    or the forehead of the hotdog they’ll be tagging next?)

  2. eric Says:

    i say, let dine and dashers eat, and leave, feeling oh so confident UNTIL billions of nano bots are released into their intestents and colon causing a very embarrasing walk home

  3. Terry Says:

    Only problem with this idea is that first the “chips” would have to be able to withstand a bath of HCL in the stomach and not decompose into toxic elements.

    Second, what happens if there is an emergency and people have to evacuate the building without stopping to pay their bill??

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Eric, sounds like we think the same 🙂

    Terry, that might give people an incentive to pre-pay. I feel a new business model coming on…

  5. Mike Williamson Says:

    And of course, no one would EVER think of sprinking extra chips in food here and there to confuse the issue and shut the system down. Nor would a scanner EVER fail and leave customers stuck, or the seller SOL.

  6. Hexypoo Says:

    There is no way this could ever get past the ACLA

  7. dan Says:

    i wanna eat one and have doors open for me…. where could i get one that small? haha

  8. dude Says:

    Get an RFID zapper and kill the tags inside your stomach. Ouch.

  9. MLange Says:

    There are just a few problem with this theory.

    1) Who puts pepper on hotdogs?
    2) What if TWO rfid-pepper-specs land on your hotdog? They charge you twice?
    3) You’d need one heck of a powerful active RFID antenna at the door to be able to detect these things.

    So, IMHO, it’s NOT happening anytime soon.

  10. Alan Parekh Says:


    It probably won’t happen soon, I can see this happening for checkout stands for quick auto checkout with no barcode scanning.

  11. Andre Says:

    This is absurd! Corporations would go to the extent of tracking down every profit like humans are freak-en product! It’s kind of funny! Who knows, maybe they have already started; I have been feeling like someone is watching me. Oh Well, soon this world will be like that one movie where Jim Carey was always being watch ( sorry forgot the name and didn’t feel like researching it). Hell, you can already type in someones address and see their house! If that is not invasion, what is?!

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