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January 27, 2006

Air Powered Engines

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Air powered engines are not new, but they sure are interesting. Take a look at this French engine. Mike Smyth has made a number of interesting small air engines. On his site he even has detailed instructions to build your own.

This is what Mike says about his radial cylinder air engine “The radial cylinder configuration has the advantage that at least one cylinder is on a power stroke at all times. This allows the engine to self start from any position and it also allows the engine to run at very low RPM without a flywheel. The valve design is similar to the V-twin except the valves are integrated with the crankshaft. This eliminates the need for the external timing gears. The intake and exhaust timing are independently adjustable.”

Air engine reving.


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22 Responses to “Air Powered Engines”

  1. AuroraAlpha Says:

    I think this has the potential to be true ‘no pollution’ engines. You can run compressors off solar, that means no pollution. You can move the fuel in rubes and tanks; there are methods that allow you to transfer with effectively NO leakage, or such so small that it is unnoticeable. And finally when it is used you extract energy, and anything that exacts will 100% clean! It’s the Perfect solution.

    Other then that I think they are just plain cool, since you need no other fuels there isn’t a fire risk, etc. Could be used with other gases like CO2 for more range. And the noise is great. Also, you can fill at a station like gas in a few seconds or minutes, or you can run a small compressor from home. It has advantages of electric convenient, and it has gasoline convince, with nothing bad! W00t!

  2. Luis Forteza Says:

    Everything said about the advantages are very interesting.That is if it were possible to do.The prototypes that are being tested mounts tanks for the air at a pressure of at least 200 bar (about 3200 psi) and for better autonomy ,300 bar (4800 psi).I don´t know of any regular car service station where you can charge your tanks with that pressure.Second point is that if one person studies carefully the data that can be obtained in internet,it can be seen easily that the amount of energy acumulated in 3 or 4 tanks, that is what can be installed in a car, is totally insuficient.

  3. ronsforge Says:

    I think air powered motors are pretty cool, I have a small motor no bigger than my hand and im going to try to build one. But whats kinda stupid about it is that, 1-do you realize how fast an air motor would use the air? It would mostlikely not go very far untill dying 2-were would you store enough pressure to run for miles? 3-they don’t got much power to do anything any how except like the motor video above can run an 18in fan blade with no problem-but im meaning like trying to push a car, back then i used to have an air powerd motor the size of my finger(the motor came out of a toy-i didn’t make it) and i had it reving really fast and i touched it and it just stoped. BUT if you have enough pressure to push a car with a big air motor it wont last very long at all.

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi ronsforge,

    I am sure there are lots of limitations and we may never see a viable air powered car. But I think of all the air powered tools and what they can do (given enough CFM). A air sander can develop tremendous speed and an impact gun can provide hundreds of pounds of torque.

  5. ryan Says:

    cool little engine you could make a little fan out of that if you could some how get a tiny compressor powerful enough. As for otherwise if you put a compresor in a car, it would be kinda hard to hear, espcialy in a traffic jam

  6. ronsforge Says:

    To-Alan parekh-That is true about the air powered tools(I never thought of that, until you said somthing).
    also to ryan-yeah thats kinda true too but you know they make some air compresors very quiet, like the compressor my grandpa gots all you hear is the pistons pumping air, and plus what makes it not so loud is its an oil crankcase unlike his old one, you had to wait till its done to hear anything.

  7. ronsforge Says:

    Oh and also i just now thought of this(may be crazy and may work, i was thinking if you had a car that ran on air maby the tires can turn a pistion to pump air in a tank while your driving, but the flaw is it would rob the power being used to run the motor.

  8. Daniel schmidt Says:

    hi would You please give me a blue print of a mini jet engine so i can build it thanks

  9. dennis yeager Says:

    How about combing fly wheel technology with it?

  10. rachit singh Says:

    it really a future engine.might it replace gasoline in net 50 years

  11. joey Says:

    Why not supply liquid nitrogen to run these things, since air is mostly nitrogen, and liquid is as compressed as it gets? oh yeah, the ambient heat required to evaporate it might give a few people freezer butn!

  12. Tyrone Dimery Says:

    Hi there, I just now found this blog while searching around Google as I am researching some info on engine lifts!. It’s a very interesting website so I bookmarked this site and I will come back tomorrow to enjoy a more detailed look when I can give it more time.

  13. Craig Mahoney Says:

    Hi guys, I have been designing an engine for the past seven years that runs on Air without the need of conventional compressors. U have to think outside the box on this unique engine. There is not many options when it comes to a sustainable compressor, the compressor is the heart of the engine.
    I have designed it but lack of funding has stopped my dream along with the gov’t because there is very little tax / revenue on these kind of engines, so NO grants. It’s a pity!!! With all the dramas going on in the oil rich countries, air engines will have to be push up the list sooner rather than later.
    Thanks guys
    Aussie Guy

  14. ElectroNick Says:

    @Craig Mahoney: what do you mean

    “runs on Air without the need of conventional compressors”?

    Where does the energy to move the engine comes from then? Are you talking about a Stirling engine?

  15. parwez khan Says:

    Required 300watt(+_50% approx 0f 300watt)which have both side shaft.please give me prices,

  16. Craig Says:

    The answer lies in the formation of the air compressors ( 2 to be exact) one moving at different speeds to each other with a combination of vacuum intergrated gear boxes that bring on the power needed to service the engine under performance. The most important thing that is indeed needed the most is the intake side of the engine and also the exhaust side witch holds many keys into the performance of these engines that are required to drive a 1.5 tonne car to acceleration speed. Which with out giving any further information away is my design and no one else’s. Imagine the applications for such engines for example; boats, cars ,bikes, trains the list goes on.
    I also have designed engines that will run under there own power for third world countries that can operate water pumps electric gen, etc….. All I need is the funding to help the rest of the world. I have also designed a solar powered shark fence that has been my baby for five years that attacks the sharks sensors . Just like a electric cattle fence does….. I would really like too hear from people that can help. 0410121501 Australia….

  17. Maro Daniels Says:

    Hello Craig

    You sound like a very brilliant Engineer. Your ideas and projects are very interesting and will be welcome in several African countries with gratitude. Can you mail me so that we can discuss about your project funding and our possible partnership?

    You can reach me at marodan@yahoo.com

  18. Craig Says:

    what is ur number?????mine is australiam0410121501

  19. Craig Says:

    what is ur number?????mine is australiam0410121501

  20. Maro Daniels Says:

    I tried your number but couldn’t get through…it didn’t help even when I started with 61 or +61. It’s good you should send me an email.

  21. Craig Says:

    Than maro what is ur ph no???? I will call you!!!!

  22. Craig Says:

    Contact me on craigmahoney69@yahoo.com if ur for real…..thanks and leave a number…. Because mine is real and always on mate….

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