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January 11, 2006

TuneBuckle iPod Nano belt

at 7:00 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets

There is no shortage of wearable iPod cases, including ones incorporated into belts, but the TuneBuckle miraculously manages to look non-geeky enough to actually wear. It’s made for the Nano, which is small and thin enough to pass as a normal belt buckle. The key here is that iPod or no iPod, it’s a nice belt, made with quality leather and metal, not the glittery spangly plastic or cheap stretch fabric that most wearable cases are stuck onto. Alright, it’s still quite geeky, but you’d have to get up fairly close to realize that. Looks like sturdy protection for your iPod too. TuneBuckle is available for pre-order for $49.95, in black or white, but sizes start at 30″. Waifs will have to wear their Nano at the hip.

Source: Podgadget