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January 10, 2006

Crazy Go Carts

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When I think of a go cart I think about a lawnmower engine mounted onto a small light frame. Well take a look at these go carts! This is out of the box thinking.

The Jet Kart project is the brainchild of Chy Wright and Henry Donald, who both live in West Yorkshire, England.

“Having both independently been involved in different aspects of motor sport racing from competitive motorcycle trials to drag racing, (not to mention extreme sports) we found the concept of a Jet Kart not only very exciting but feasible due to our background as vehicle technicians.”

This is not exactly a cheap build, here is the specs of Chy and Henry’s engine “Manufactured by Plessy. MK101 Solent Gas Turbine Starter. Power output: 70BHP. 140.1BFT Torque. Cost to the RAF: £55,000.”

Take a look at these videos of the cart in operation:
Video 1
Video 2 (not sure why they are in different formats)

The guys at Project Jet Cart are in the final stages of building their jet powered go cart. They have been building for 8 weeks and it has cost them $2295.34 so far. He has a week by week account of the building steps. Here is an entry from week one: ” Completed a search for “Jet Engines” on Ebay. It was 1:00am and I had the next day off. I was just wasting time looking at all the different types of stuff people had for sale. Then I ran into an auction for “How to build a Turbocharger Turbojet Engine”. I didn’t think much of it until I saw power a go-kart. I was thinking to myself….Wow, What crazy fool would want to do that? I then did a yahoo search for jet powered go-kart’s and I saw my first video of one. I had just turned into “That Crazy Fool”!!! ” Why not drop him a few bucks to see this thing on the track.

Here is a cart being started, is it just me or does this not look very safe?

Here is a cart in operation! (notice the ear protection but no helmet 😉 )

More of these videos can bee seen at DIY Gas Turbines.

Here is another type of cart, this one is powered by a pulse jet engine! Not sure if I would be testing the engine like that. I value the hair on my arms 🙂