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January 9, 2006

Lego Hacks

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Lego is inherently a creative product, think of something and then put it together with little blocks of Lego. Well for some people Lego alone isn’t good enough. Might as well make a computer out of it like this one that Winston built. Not good enough? Why not build an entire fleet of computers out of Lego then! Don’t like the computing power of the available Mindstorm Computer? Derek Anderson solved that problem by squeezing a Gumstix computer into a Lego block, he calls them Gumbrix. If you are thinking outside the box this project will give you a good beginning to making a Lego lie detector. If your Lego pieces are getting board they can play a video game. Want to know how much something is bending? No problem build a Lego bend sensor! Here is the edge of Lego robot building… Check out the sex bots.

Interesting Links:
Sensor Code
Comercial Sensors
Signal Building


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4 Responses to “Lego Hacks”

  1. theophylline Says:


  2. Hexypoo Says:

    sex bots… yah…. er….

  3. JJacobson Says:

    I could not get the Lego lie detector to work. Is there some trick I am missing?

  4. KISHOR Says:

    I am interested in buying lego lie detector.Can you please tell me from where I can buy it.

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