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January 7, 2006

Exploding Overclocking Extreme AMD Duron Vaporizing

at 6:56 am. Filed under What Were They Thinking

They overclock a cpu over 4ghz, remove the heatsink, and boom! “Theres a hole in the motherboard!”


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108 Responses to “Exploding Overclocking Extreme AMD Duron Vaporizing”

  1. Justin Says:

    Wow! I want to do that with my prosessor!!

  2. Bruce Says:

    That was pretty extreme 😉 My question is how to get a Duron to 4GHz without losing stability.

  3. Paul Says:

    Hmmm? A hole in the motherboard and table…. Makes me wonder if this is real or prehaps somebody with an air pistol under the table? Also i notice the heatsink isnt clamped on to the motherboard properly, if somebody is seriously attempting to overclock a cpu to this extreme this is something i doubt they will forget to do!

  4. moo Says:

    yes its fake

  5. iggi Says:

    This is not fake, my friend and I tried it with his duron, with the case closed, it badly dented the sides and shattered the ceramic processor.
    Try it yourself if you don’t believe me, I won’t as I am afarid it would break through the case. My advice, use steel, more expansive but it will save you something if it does break.

  6. iggi Says:

    Also, they had no heatsink running, because this video’s purpose was to demonstrate that it does explode!

  7. t0ny Says:

    It would not explode like that. At very MOST it would smoke.

  8. l-dub Says:

    total bs like yall say ive burned several processors in my time starting with the intel 8088 OCed to 16 Mhz and my latest is an AMD athlon64 at 5Ghz with liquid nitrogen cooling the pump got an air pocket in it and the processor fryed without any sound

  9. Thanatossassin Says:

    This is very possible. All of our mishaps that end up with our processors smoking (or at least smelling like it) are caused through gradual temperature increase, We OC it little by little and then it goes. This is an immediate removal of the heatsync (which i doubt many of you have tried) while over clocking a proccessor well beyond it’s means. Same concept, just opposite when you take a really hot pan and shove it into ice cold water. Watch that bitch crack!!!

  10. Gerard Says:

    The entire internet is convinced it is fake, but who cares, it is well done.

    (And doesn’t that monitor come with a white display cable?)

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    It is hard to tell if it is real or not… I have never personally tried that (or know of anyone who has). I have seen other components fail violently so I think it is very possible. This is one for Myth Busters!

  12. Chump Says:

    Let’s not lose our heads. Think about it, there was a hole in the desk.
    There is no way that heat on a cpu could create that much force.
    Props though, I thought it was pretty funny.

  13. TOls Says:

    This was funny indeed. “Oh! There is a fan failure.” :)
    And of course it’s a fake.

    BTW Tom’s Hardware did the same for real back in 2001: http://www.tomshardware.com/2001/09/17/hot_spot/page6.html

  14. Dane Bramage Says:

    I’d say fake. The heatsink fan isn’t even running when they take it off… all mobos that i know of won’t even boot if the heatsink fan isn’t spinning. Still funny.

  15. Kim Says:

    Of course it’s fake…
    like most of you say..the heatsink fan isn’t even on…
    How the hell can you overclock it to 4ghz, without any cooling? A simple heatsink isn’t enough.

  16. phire Says:

    Thanatossassin, you hit it on the nail. Everyone thinks it’s fake because their processors didn’t explode like that. But, how many of them overclocked it to the max and suddenly and instantly removed the heatsink? I’m willing to safely bet that NONE of them have.

    Dane Bramage, I’m not sure just how many actual motherboards you’ve worked with, but I’m willing to again safely bet that it’s probably in the one or two range. With the amount of boards and PC’s I’ve put together and repaired, you’d think it’d be easier not to forget something, but alas I’ve forgotten the heatsink fan quite a bit and no, none of them ever fail to boot. Hell, there’s 7 PC’s sitting just in this room alone and I tested all of them excluding this machine and they all booted! Imagine that!

    Next, on to the ‘fan failure.’ It’s very possible to boot a PC without a fan. Once it boots up and Windows takes over, the CPU cycles are threaded through the System Idle Process to keep the processor at a cooler temperature. It might not idle at a nice cool 85F with the fan turned off, but even if it idled at 160F, it’s still not hot enough to cause it to crash. C’mon people, you should know these things. This is basic computers 101 stuff!

    Okay, now that we’ve established strong factual evidence that it IS indeed “possible” that this could happen, let’s move onto logic and reason. Was this a really well done fake? We’ll never know for sure as with anything else on the internet and half of what’s in real life even. Let’s add some more logic and reason to the puzzle, though. I know none of you have actually tried what they did in the video, but put on your thinking caps for a moment and try to follow me. Let’s now assume that there’s 10 people doing the exact same thing with the exact same processor. Yeah right, fat chance, everyone would use something totally different and claim it’s not accurate when they don’t get the expected results, but just assume. Okay, just because 8/10 of them didn’t explode violently as such, that’s grounds to invalidate the other 2 results that did??? Let’s assume that you’re retarded enough to believe that like most of you are trying to say here. I only need ask one question then if you are. What about the same peice of hardware from the same manufacturer on the same date that fails within an hour of operation when another does not? Mr. Logic would tell us that there are always some unique defect or flaw that makes it into any peice of hardware or equipment right from the factory. But that’s beyond most of you, so I’ll stop right there!

  17. spokkie Says:

    Mr logic
    First of all 4gh with a duron :s don’t think so
    Thats a overclock of 400% and more.
    I don’t think so. Maybe with n²o but not with a fanless cooling.

    The cpu burning maybe even exploding is posseble. Becaus those early durons didn’t had a temp shutdown feature.

    But the hole in the motherboard and the table being a perfect square :s how the f**k is that posseble with a explosing and nothing even remotely burning smoking.

    This vid is 100% fake

  18. phire Says:

    Well, like I said, we will never know for 100% sure whether it’s real or fake, however I can give you a suggestion towards the square hole. If you noticed, the socket is square like every other socket. The socket is a bit more durable than the motherboard itself, so it’s only logical to assume that it contained it within as such. Next, the table itself didn’t look very durable just a thin peice of compressed wood.

    Alright, now with those suggestions out of the way… Remember, they’re only suggestions to show that it’s _possible_ not to prove that it’s true. Someone also suggested that it was someone with a air gun sitting underneath the table… Maybe? But like you said, the hole was square and last I knew, no gun that I know of blows a square hole in objects.

    Alright, nothing burning or smoking? I assume from your legitimate question that you’ve fried CPU’s before? Good, then you’ll understand that they fried from a gradual increase of temperature and were able to sustain those temperatures long enough to cause burning and/or smoking. If you have experience in frying CPU’s like I think you do, you’ll also know that you can fry a CPU within a couple seconds if you power up the machine without a heatsink.

    This is like the Ford vs Chevy debate, only more childish. Just because someone has 1 thing go wrong with the manufacturer they don’t like, they assume that they’re all like that. Maybe they are? Let’s assume they are. What about the few guys you hear about saying they’ve never had a problem? Do they somehow not exist in your warped reality? It’s possible to have different outcomes on everything manufactured. Just saying this is _possible_, that is all. I obviously wasn’t there, so I obviously don’t know for sure but there’s enough in the video for it to be _possible_. Just use your brain for a moment and it might make some sense. I know you haven’t been using it much by the way you type so I know you’re capable of some higher level of thinking even if for a brief moment.

  19. jbri Says:

    Think about it this way. Hole precut in table. Board placed properly over hole. Some dummied test,
    person holds gun under hole and fires at appropriate time. Could possibly happen (hey just about anything can..)
    However, I think it’s quite possibly fake.
    Here’s my reasons.

    1> Even compressed plywood, single sheet laminate, or veneers will leave rough edges when ripped by any explosion save for
    an exceedingly well formed shape charge. Particle board even more so.

    1a>Contained or not, it would take a hell of an explosion to make a hole through the PCB and the table. PCBs are
    layered and actually quite resistant to shear forces. (Bending is another story however)

    1b> Oh please. Zif sockets and gold pins couldn’t hope to hold tight enough during the expansion and explosion to put that hole in
    the PCB much less the table. A LGA? *maybe*

    2> The snap, compression and reverb. Way too loud for such a thin ceramic chip. Not out of the range of a pellet or co2 bb gun.

    3> The final shots of the core when he plays jigsaw with it. The core substrate isn’t bubbled and black. I don’t care
    how slow or how fast it heats up, that will melt, blacken and harden when exceeding the processors upper thermal limits.
    Infact, I’ve seen some bad cases of socket rocket where there was way more burning done when a HSF fell off rather
    than ones that suffered a dead fan.

    4> I will watch again, but I didn’t see any visible smoke between HSF removal and “explosion” It’s more likley the poor lil thing
    died the minute he took it off, prior to the gun blast.

    5> Videos with such poor quality are always questionable. It’s not beyond some pranksters to purposely choose a 200kbps encode
    to let the artifacts do the work. :-)

    Thats my 15 cents. What do you think about it?

  20. phire Says:

    All very plausible. :) I did watch it again and reviewed it more closely and the hole in the table isn’t perfect by any means and you can’t tell whether it’s a square hole or the hole just blew out bigger than what was visible through the socket. I saw a couple rough edges poking out that I could see, however, there was no clear definition of the boundaries of the hole so no one really knows except for the few rough pointy edges you can actually see.

    As for the sound being too loud for such a thin ceramic chip, you’re right except when it went through the table I’m sure it amplified the sound if that was the case. And a co2 loaded gun underneath the table? Not a chance, watch the video and see the smoke/dust direction. The explosion was very obvious that it went downwards. A gunner above it? Maybe? But -definately- not below it. 😉

    I did catch a small glimpse of the die itself and I couldn’t really make out whether it was just loaded with thermal paste as it shoulda been or if it was melted and deformed.

  21. jbri Says:

    Phire, that still doesn’t explain the expansion, or the lack of explosive gasses. Even if it did heat the air under
    the die to a point where it exploded (although I can’t even see that, even in the best setups, there’s still some airgap
    between the pins and the socket to motherboard itself. And you’re right, the hole in the table doesn’t look perfect. Like some
    cheap producer used a serrated pocket knife to cut it. Given the huge budget of this film, I wouldn’t doubt it. :-) But, if that
    wasn’t the case (I don’t think it was) If you look closely, the bumpy edge looks more like the inside tabs on that socket extending
    past the edge of the hole in the table. Which also raises the question, why weren’t those burned or destroyed?

    Also, let’s not start about lack of scorching on the socket itself. Just the intense heat of the HSF minus fan would have turned at least
    the inside rim a crispy tan, even sans-explosion.

    As for the sound? Wood isn’t exactly what you’d call a super conductor of sound. I would think one would get a dull
    “thwack” sound, vs a loud reverberating “snap” .. I also see they have concrete below them,
    and it appears they have some sort of roofing over them based on the shade. Perhaps if it was a metal sheet roof/shade.
    Hell, even then I submit to you it’d be more muffled.

    And notice how careful they are not to show what’s below the table? I wouldn’t be surprised if that board isn’t even
    running. Im very curious about the lack of sans-hsf, pre detonation smoke trails from the core.

    As for the smoke, it could very well have been shot from below and have the smoke (or should we say ceramic dust,
    if you’ll notice how quickly it dissipates, vs smoke from an overheated component or other components around it,
    of which I see none.) being shot from beneath, impacting the bottom of the chip would cause particulate matter to fly downward
    away from the direction of the chip (upwards) .. action – reaction.. and as the chip flys upward, pulling the air and remaining
    particulates in a trail… that could create a very convincing “rocket thrust” type image.

    Sorry, Im not normally such into arguing, that video just strikes me as totally fake. funny, but fake. :-)
    Thanks for listening to me rattle on.

  22. Cursed Says:

    Actually i never thougt it could give a blow like that … but i understand jbri nothing was burned on the table . i think the hole was there already :s but i think a the cpu can break in pieces like that. and if it fake or not it doesn’t matter accept if u want to try it at ur home hehehehe :d

  23. Alan Parekh Says:

    I have also seem chips blown off boards on industrial equipment after lightning strikes. They are usually found at the bottom of the panel in many pieces!

  24. phire Says:

    hehe you most likely won’t ever see a “burn mark” in a case like this. You can take a flaming arrow and shoot it through a peice of thin wood and if it breaks through within an instant, there is no time for the wood itself to heat up enough to “burn.” For example, take a torch if you will and as fast as your arm can move, move the torch from the top to the bottom of the peice of wood. I can gaurentee no burn marks. Now, slow it down a bit, even just a couple seconds worth and you’ll see a burn mark following the path of your torch.

    Anyways, jbri, this isn’t a bomb we’re talking about. This is a small CPU that burst under its own pressure and intensity most likely all within the die itself. You do realize that’s the only part of the CPU that heats up to any significant amount, right? Right. Unless it sustained extreme heat for a lengthy period of time, there really isn’t much to burn. Common sense. And what you saw probably was mostly ceramic dust from the board and table. If anything was shot anywhere, it’d have to be overhead as the path of the smoke would clearly tell us the pressure, gun or not, was from above going down. So, if we’re going to analyze a video and determine that it’s fake, we can’t be injecting our own possibilities, we have to look at what is there and we can’t do that if you’re suggesting that someone was below the table shooting into a pre-cut hole when the direction of the smoke/dust goes in a different direction.

    Oh btw, that hole which has the peice of jagged wood sticking out, they would have had to spent a lot of time specially carving that, especially with a serrated pocket knife to make it look authentic as it was a very thin jagged slice that was sticking out visibly. It *could* have been staged, however, this little bit of evidence would at least suggest that the hole was blown out naturally.

  25. kosmiq Says:

    very fake, if anyone would even manage to overclock a duron like that it would be a new world record in overclocking. Now keep in mind that very few even manage to get 200% overclock and that with phasecooling or something that keeps it even colder. The PC wouldn’t even start when overclocked that much, not to mention that the vcore required would be so high the CPU would broke when getting it all into it.

  26. mr. cook Says:

    how come the motherboard doesn’t blast up into the air as well?

    if the explosion was strong enough to break the wood underneath, don’t you think the mobo would have moved?

  27. phire Says:

    Common sense explains this one to us. Let me try to give you a very simple analogy to help clear up your confusion, mr. cook. Take a rock and throw it at an open door so it isn’t locked and has free movement. The door will most likely move if you threw the rock hard enough, and if you threw it even harder it might even go through the door depending if the rock was small enough or not. Alright, still with me? Now take a rifle and shoot the door. You’ll notice that it doesn’t move because the force was so powerful and very very rapid to the point that there was almost no resistance to the bullet.

    Okay, so let’s break this down some more just in case you still don’t get it. Big blunt slow moving object meets heavy resistance. The amount of kinetic energy that will transfer into the door all depends on the amount of resistants it meets. If the processor was travelling at a lower speed and not extremely quickly, then yes, the motherboard may have “blasted up into the air as well.”

  28. JJ Says:

    LOL! 4Ghz on air. I don’t know if the chip could blow up like that or not however, you would not be able to increase the voltage high enough to get into windows and still cool the CPU enough with air (I am a “casual” OCer) with the heatsink not even seated properly I might add. Anyone that had the knowledge to get an insane overclock like this would not be stupid enough to take the heatsink off while the thing was running.

    Look at the sticker on the top of the fan, the dark side is towards the camera the whole time, THE FAN IS NOT SPINNING THE ENTIRE VIDEO. Pause the video as he walks towards the table you can see this. The cable coming from the monitor is white and yet teh cord going into the video card is black? Maybe it is possible however this video is FAKED!!!!

  29. phire Says:

    Yeah well they did point out that the fan wasn’t running… Didn’t you have the sound turned on? If your sound wasn’t on, didn’t you even notice the fingers pointing AT the fan?

    And, if they did manage to get it to run enough to get into Windows to get a visual, be it for 30 seconds before it locked up or not… Their intention WAS to remove the heatsink and see what happens to a CPU under those conditions… The more I explain this to you the more I realize that you simply didn’t have the sound on. Duh.

  30. JJ Says:

    30 seconds? LOL it would have been BBQ (at least damaged) by then with the HS just resting on. This CPU would not get into windows with that voltage at that speed on air, let alone with the HS just resting on it. GET IT?

    This video of theirs showing a mobo “self-destruct” is real too isn’t it?

    No fire work there, that is all the CPU. :rolleyes:

    How about the computer exorcism, yup totally true. Basic information about general OCing would have made this seem impossible to begin with. Your village called, they are missing their idiot.

  31. JJ Says:

    I would like to add…
    They also show a cdrom Blowing up with such force to rip the thing apart and damage a case that it is sitting on. This myth has been tested by mythbusters and this simply will not happen, the force of a CD ripping apart could not do that. They show a HD full on catch on fire then burn for some time, ya sure. These guys are blowing stuff up and they are making a sucker out of you.

  32. joe Says:

    just put your finger on your cpu heatsink and tell me if its hot? now oc your cpu up to 400%,
    witouh the fan running, and put your finger again on the heatsink and tell me if its hot again?
    see my point? its fake

  33. FAKE_!!!!!! Says:

    Please People, don’t believe it’s real !!!!!!! a burned cpu looks different from this one. The core looks like it was heated, like
    heated metal turns blue with a gas burner !! and this one doesn’t at all, funny french accent guys are just like kids trying to fake us
    well some persons do believe that it truly happend, well maybe these people are the same who believed in the millenium bug
    and earth being destroyed :-)

  34. phire Says:

    Actually, my heatsink is just slightly warm to the touch, joe, and it is overclocked.

    Anyways, JJ, if you were adept at reading comprehension… You wouldn’t be sitting there making a fool out of yourself. You’d have known that I never stood behind the video being real. =) It’s just most of the reasons given for it being fake aren’t very good reasons at all and show a limited knowledge of PC’s.

  35. pfjeeew Says:

    Man , man , man
    I can’t believe people even discuss the fact weither this is fake or not,
    A cpu CANNOT blow up like that, a duron CANNOT reach 4Ghz, Especially not without running cooling…

    Oh please why am i waisting my time here

  36. JJ Says:

    You say we will never know whether it’s real or fake. I am not reading that right? I KNOW IT’S FAKE. You are one of the few who think it could be real. I guess they were showing us that a pc exorcism could be real as well. When confronted with reasons it’s a fake, all those things are plausable. Ya I can’t read. I have been around computers for a little while, and let me tell you a Duron at 3.8 Ghz on air and 4 volts isn’t going to get into windows. OK? Others to get into windows at 2.5 Ghz with 2.2 volts need subzero temps.End of story not going to happen. The chip would have already been BURNING with the heatsink not making proper contact. Any one else that can even get a duron to post at those settings with the heatsink just sitting there. The point is the whole thing is fake from start to finish 100% positive.

  37. sloth Says:

    yes yes ok it looks a bit fake BUT i had an old K6 cpu and put it under my blowtorch within 3second it had exploded in to mayn bits, but it didnt have the power to blow a hole in my steel vice….

  38. moas Says:

    OMG :d this is sooooo fake :) I had lots of problems with my cpu. overheating etc. and its just impossible :), your mainboard would crash, and the computer would shut down :) no way a processor can heat up so much to explode. i’ts possible but, you have to be a real computer genious to let the mainboard run. at such heat :)

  39. phire Says:

    So, despite all of the people that have had a CPU explode, this is still impossible and fake? Riiiight. moas, if you had any common sense about you, you’d know that the computer would just crash, shutdown, melt, whatever, IF there was a heatsink on it! Do you know that a chip can fry in less than a second if there’s no heatsink in place? Just put on your thinking cap for a moment and imagine what would happen if the voltage and temperatures were doubled or tripled…

  40. phire Says:

    By the way… Just a hypothetical question… If MOST laptops don’t explode and burn in a raging fire, does that then mean that it’s illogical to say that there may be a few that can and HAVE?


  41. NetSurf Says:

    Ok, hasn’t anyone thought it interesting that we do not see the monitor blank out when the cpu explodes. Sure the zoomed in shot is nice, but that could have easily been a way to hide someone turning the monitor off or unplugging its cable for the next shot in which we do see it.

    Just a thought…

  42. Bringer Says:

    Phire. Watch this video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7263668346151253701 Same people. Its a pyrotechnic device. Its not real. Read the caption, do a search. It was all fake. (and as a side note, all your “I know whats going on” was really annoying.)

  43. phire Says:

    NetSurf – Very possible. I think you’re one of the only ones in this thread that has brought something intelligent to the table. :)

    Bringer – Awww, did I step on your toes?

  44. tommyleefoo Says:

    I don’t really care whether it’s fake or not, what interested me about this page was phire and his egotistical i’m superior than everyone else attitude. Every post he makes a comment about everyone else’s lack of intelligence and commonsense. You know what they say about know-it-alls…

  45. onenastyviper Says:

    of course it is fake. heat is dissipated by the core and so the core would be center of explosion
    on this chip the core is ontop of the substrate containing the pins etc.
    yet when it explodes it blows up out of the socket not down??

  46. phire Says:

    tommyleefo: I’m sorry that you feel I’m superior, but I really am not. If you actually read this page in its entirety, you would know any post that sounded that way was in direct response to others of equal attitude. I’m only matching your attitude, baby. :)

    onenastyviper: I watched the video a few times and it looks like the cpu did blow downwards. There was a gaping hole in the table after the explosion. So, whatever it was that exploded went down and not up, unless I’m looking at it the wrong way or just simply misunderstanding you.

  47. xavier111 Says:

    Phire, you need to open your eyes or something. You say and I quote, “tommyleefo: I’m sorry that you feel I’m superior, but I really am not. If you actually read this page in its entirety, you would know any post that sounded that way was in direct response to others of equal attitude. I’m only matching your attitude, baby.” Well let’s take a look at your first post……Oh, here is an excerpt, “Let’s assume that you’re retarded enough to believe that like most of you are trying to say here.” And love this one, “But that’s beyond most of you, so I’ll stop right there!” So could you please tell me where, in any post before yours, that someone “attacks” you or shows “attitude” to you? And before you make any reference to someone being mentally deminished, as you have shown yourself to be more than once, “retarded” means to slow down or hinder progress, like you to the human race.

  48. phire Says:

    Oh look, you can copy and paste… Impressive. Still lacking in the “proving a point” department, but impressive none the less. The “retarded” line was just a factual statement, I mean, come on there are others that have made claim that they’ve replicated or had a similar event happen in their presence but yet, some still chose to ignore that. I’d like to believe that you aren’t so blind that you can’t see this.

    I’m glad you love the next comment you pasted with your new found skills because it’s one of my favorites, too. :) However, you must have received an A+ in English class for taking things out of context.

    And you’re exactly right in your definition of “retarded”. See my above statement and you’ll see that I’m in total agreement with your definition. When one speaks with a closed mind, refusing to take other peices of evidence into consideration before forming a “solid” argument, wouldn’t you call that “slowing down,” or “hindering the progress” of the debate? :)

    Seriously though, you should just relax and not take things so seriously. I’m sorry that I struck a nerve with you, but you’re failing miserably in proving any kind of point in your retaliation.

  49. jyd Says:

    The explosion sounded a bit like a firecracker. That hole through the table would be a good place to put a small charge or even a firecracker. Put a firecracker under the chip, with a wire run to an electrical ignitor, push the button and “bang”.

  50. phire Says:

    Very possible that it was a firecracker, there’s enough evidence to support such a suggestion. Too bad we don’t really see any debris of any kind blowing into the air to know for sure, though. I wonder what kind of firecracker could cause a hole to blow into a table, downwards, and yet still be small enough to fit under the motherboard without looking suspicious or between the cpu and the socket?

  51. VxD Says:

    It’s simple physics. Electronic components can only “explode” from rapid heating. This causes the component to rapidly expand and crack, occassionally sending small pieces flying. There is no where near enough energy to do any damage to the table or motherboard. Simply put, there is no “explosive” inside of a CPU.

  52. phiresux Says:

    Phire is getting owned with his retarded “facts”.
    Give up the ghost biatch!

  53. Joel G Says:

    I’m wondering about this one because the guys never showed the hole or even the square that got blowen out. As far as exploding processors I think this is possible because I have not only work with computers but also hobby electronics and I have seen alot of small componet parts EXPLODE when watts or even voltage is barly higher then what the part is rated for. I got pieces of a component part in my mouth one time and I was standing a good 8 feet away. I’ve even seen circuit parts blow other parts off the board because the explosion was so strong.

    My Personal MythBuster Verdict is: COMFIRMED

  54. MYTHBUSTER Says:

    MYTHBUSTER vErDICT: So chalk full of bullcrap that their aint no way in hell this could have happened.
    Suckered all sorts of you rednecks fo sho!

  55. phire Says:

    I love it when people read about 3 words of a sentence and then run to the hills with it. Shows your intelligence real good there, “phiresux”. Please quote where I claimed it was a proven fact that this specific CPU did in fact blow a hole in the table? Ah, what’s that? You can’t find any? Aww, well, good game, noob. BTW, are you about 12 years old?

    VxD – As an electrician and PC tech, I can verify that it IS indeed possible for electronic components to combust violently. I wouldn’t quite use the term ‘explode’ for things like this, but, I’ve seen it happen and so have many others here. Besides, it isn’t like this is a steel table we’re talking about, just thin wood.

    Anyways, there’s enough unanswered questions to be sure that this isn’t 100%, but not enough to prove that it’s 100% a hoax. This story can go either way. It just makes me sick to see people so adamant in their narrow minded ways. But, there’s been quite a few in this thread that have looked at -everything- and looked at things that others pointed out that they missed with an open mind.

  56. VxD Says:

    IF you were talking about a large capacitor, I could see a possibility, however you’re referring to a microprocessor, which is effectively a small silicon wafer with metal bits on it, placed in epoxy on a laminate board. None of that is in any way explosively volitile, so the BEST you could hope for would be that it would burn, but since it’s NOT in a sealed container, that won’t cause any pressure build up to be violently released. That doesn’t even account for the fact that in order to draw enough power to cause such a thing, the motherboard’s power management circuitry would kick in.

  57. Bringer Says:

    poison, phire. you are poison. you words are like venom, they seep into the hearts of good men and fill them with poison. They hate you with a passion, and you feed on their anger. you are a poison to this whole topic. I hope you computer dies when you are not around so that you can stop plaguing us decent people with your filth.

  58. bilbo Says:

    ^^^ What he said^^^

    AND your logic sucks donkey nuts sweetheart.

  59. Dude is so obvious Says:

    the fan wasnt workin……………. BECAUSE IT WASNT PLUGGED IN lol

  60. phire Says:

    My logic sucks? lol. Okay… People act like idiots and then the one who brings a little vision and open mindedness to open other venues of debate that were previously ignored is the one spreading “filth” and “sucky logic.”

    Anyways, you’re more than likely correct VxD, however… Do you remember that Dell laptop that was all over the internets and the news a while back? It was at some major looking Japanese conference thing. It seemingly ‘exploded’ within and burst into violent flames. There probably wasn’t more than half an amp of current running through it, but… Strange things do happen. 😉

    btw, I watched the video again (sick of seeing it) and unless I’m blind it looks pretty plugged in to me.

  61. Freddie Says:

    No dude, you’re not blind.
    But if you scoot those donkey nuts outta your eyes you might see the truth instead of your crappy theory.
    Guys above are correct about you, you filth spreader!

  62. phire Says:

    You know, I hate to prove you naysayers wrong about how it _IS_ indeed possible for small and tiny electronic components with seemingly little voltage flowing actually explode and cause alot of damage…. BUT, I’m gonna have to do it. Click the link below. Read it and weep, guys.


  63. oc_uk Says:

    Its perfectly possible for a duron to be overclocked top 4GHz with that cooling. Cooling doesn’t matter a shit in the short term, only in keeping your CPU cool over long periods, and a better heatsink means a CPU that lasts longer coz its running cooler. Its easy enough to bump up the voltage to full, do a volt mod on the chipset, or even a volt mod to the CPU power supply and thenj its just a matter of unlocking the multiplier, putting the FSB to max and putting the multiplier up to the max. In theory, youd have to tweak a little to find the maximum, but I bet you could reach 4 GHz with enough voltage, and cause enough electrical stress to cause the CPU to crack and fly apart.

  64. oc_uk Says:

    oh and the board wouldnt shut itself down if you disabled the shutdown tempersture for the CPU. Btw, by sayuing cooling doesnt matter a shit, I meant that better cooling doesn’t matter if your taking things to this extreme. Its does help you reach better performance, but you dont need it if you are using massive voltages.

  65. phire Says:

    *sigh* He’s right. Anyone with experience in electrical theory 101 would be able to manipulate the system as they saw fit.

    I’ll say it again, for the many of you that choose NOT to actually read in hopes that you’ll actually read this. I’m in _NO WAY_ saying that this is indeed true and that we aren’t being deceived. However, there’s a world of evidence to suggest that this is indeed _POSSIBLE_, and with the given video, there isn’t much footage to sway this argument to a decisive TRUE or FALSE.

    In order to know whether it’s completely true, we’d need to see everything done to the equipment from the time each component was taken out of the box. Now, to prove that it’s completely false… Well, again, we don’t know the big picture, but, what we do know…. Is that this is possible.

    Again, for those of you that choose not to (cannot?) read, I’m not claiming to prove anything is true or false, merely trying to open the minds of those that are inexperienced with computers and electronics. It seems to be the guys that have a LITTLE BIT of experience that make up their minds and decide what is solid fact and what isn’t without even looking at ALL aspects of the situation.

  66. Freddie Says:

    Its funny seeing phire using different logins to back up his own info.
    What’s funnier is that you’re wrong and just can’t live with it.
    Take your donkey nuts and go home little boy.
    Grow up. Being wrong shouldn’t hurt you too bad. After all, your probably used to it.
    No facts, no logic, just wishful thinking in pitiful attempt to get attention.

  67. phire Says:

    Wow, Freddie is obviously on the desperate losing end of an argument. Psychology 101 would easily be able to point that out.

    Oh well, just another schmuck with no evidence, no clue, and no argument. Do you need a quarter?

  68. Dude Says:

    phire’s getting owned by Freddie!
    Quit replying to him Freddie. He’s the desperate one. His scenario is impossible, but has managed to persuade himself it actually happened. Poor guy.
    He’ll grow out of it when he hits junior high.

  69. phire Says:

    *sigh* If only some of you actually WENT to Junior High. LOL.

  70. phire Says:

    btw, it’s painfully obvious by your inability to be able to do one important thing…

    READ!!! LOL

  71. Luke Says:

    100% fake.

  72. OWNAGE Says:

    phire kid looks like she’s the only one who actually believed this stunt.
    You think she’d get a clue from all the posters that this is rigged.
    Oh well. Can lead a horse to water…..

  73. oc_uk Says:

    anyone got an old board they wanna try this out with? Btw, by bypassing the mosfets that supply the CPU with power, it is infact possible to put 123V accross the CPU because the 12V rail on the ATX power supply cable feeds the CPU power and this is divided by the motherboards on board power supply circuitry. With a bit of knowledge on how the board works, and basic knowledge of mosfets, along with the will to fry some PCB and silicon, it could happen.

    Oh and freddie, I aint phire. but I agree with hpire that your being rather narrowminded in the matter at hand.

  74. oc_uk Says:

    sorry, 12V not 123V

  75. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey oc_uk,

    Check this out. It is a bit more than 12V but sure puts on a show! :)

  76. oc_uk Says:

    I take it thats said in a half joking fashion :p coz obviously we’re dealing with 12V DC not AC :p entertaining noe the less.

  77. OWNAGE Says:

    …but you can’t make it drink.

  78. phire Says:

    You know what’s sad about this whole “discussion”? It’s clearly showing where this generation’s youth his headed and that scares me. Many people have brought up reasons why it’s possible, but, most of these kids just respond with “LOL NOOB LOL IDIOT ITS FAKE LOL U R TEH NOOB 4 BELIEVING IT IZ TRU” instead of providing some sort of factual evidence to back them up. The “it’s possible” guys have provided plenty of evidence to back themselves up, where is the “it’s fake” crowd’s evidence? Whatever happened to intelligent discussion where people exchanged facts? *sigh*

  79. bilbo Says:

    LOL, noob doesn’t know what facts are!
    Wishful thinking old man. Don’t even make it a generation thing. That would imply that you and your position are supported.
    Using the word “in fact” many times, and alluding to community college courses make you sound silly.
    Besides, your use of multiple logins to provide yourself with “support” from other users has brought a chuckle to many of us.

    Go spread your filth somewhere else.

  80. phire Says:

    bilbo, you just proved my point by rambling without facts while making insults. Thank you.

  81. Ownage Says:

    reading the entire thread…
    Seems phire doesn’t know when to quit. Her last comment applies more to her than anyone else.
    And that’s a FACT. ROFL

    Can’t wait to see what the next ridiculous comment will be.
    You’re welcome.

  82. phire Says:

    And you say my comments are ridiculous… lol. Just keep proving my point by failing to read. I appreciate it. You make this easy. 😉

  83. Mike Says:

    Interesting video.
    What’s with the accent and fake explosion?
    Funny none the less…

    jbri. Spot on. You had the best explanation.

    phire, you sound like a moron. I bet you can’t wait to get out of junior high.
    You’re all over the place trying to insult, but makes you come off as insecure.
    Grow some…

    OWNAGE, I’m still laughing at your comments!!! Way to put the kid in his place!

    CON with bilbo. Right on the money.

    Funny clip

  84. phire Says:

    Hmm, again, learn to read and then you might have yourself something credible to say. Until then, acting like children does nothing except make you look like fools. You’ll grow up some day… I hope… For the sake of our future.

  85. oc_uk Says:


    Before anyone says anything else, I suggest you watch this.

  86. OWNAGE Says:

    Whatchu gonna say now sweetheart!!!!

    phire, I’d suggest you go play with those donkey nuts!!!
    I’m just waiting to hear your rationalization for that one!
    Looks like your the monkey that needs to learn to read.

  87. Mike Says:

    phire, take a course on “how not to be an asshat 101″
    We never needed that proof to see you were an idiot.
    Too bad that is the proof YOU needed.

    Would you like help removing that foot from down deep in your throat?
    Ownage… I’m still laughing at your comments from above! 😀

    You’re gonna make the lil kid go home and cry.

  88. Mike Says:

    You make it so easy to ridicule you.
    Don’t worry though, if you keep your trap shut and ears open, you might learn something in that junior high.

    Better to be a considered a fool that to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


  89. phire Says:

    Suddenly, this thread has been reduced to a third grade intellect. Most likely just a troll, or trolls, whatever.

    By the way, “ownage”, (in an attempt to get back to something semi-intelligent) the video that oc_uk posted for us does nothing but show us what happens to the majority of cpu’s under a heavy load without a cooler, but those cores and chipsets specifically. It was interesting though to see a couple P4’s still alive after the removal of the core. Most likely the thermal management of the p4 which saved them. If you don’t know anything about Intel’s thermal management, a document directly from Intel can be found here: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/pentium4/sb/CS-007999.htm

    As we all know, the Duron has quite a different architecture and is quite older than the CPU’s in oc_uk’s video. I know I’ve said this before, but, many have seen CPU’s react exactly as shown in the initial video of this thread. A few have posted with claims to have witnessed similar behaviors. Are they all lying?

    Sure, 99% of cpu’s will just smoke a little and die, maybe melt too. That’s already an established and well-known fact and no one is disputing that. The only thing I’ve been saying this whole time is that it IS _possible_ and the video lacks any evidence to prove that it really happened or was blown up with explosives. For example though, just because your Ford truck breaks down constantly and needs repair on a regular basis, does that mean your neighbor’s Ford truck experiences the same conditions? They most likely were built in the same factory if they’re the same year, make and model. But what makes yours a POS and his not?

  90. oc_uk Says:

    Sorry to suddenly turn on you phire, but looking at the other videos these guys have made, most involve some sort of explosive, so Im guessing that this video is no exception. Therefore, I think the video, in this case, is a fake. The possibility of a CPU reacting like that is marginally possible under extreme conditions, but for the average user, I doubt it’ll happen. And CPUZ readings can easily be faked with a hex editor. Durons are not hugely different to the Palmino series of Athlons as you suggested, as it is still an AMD K7 CPU.

    I agree that no 2 CPUs are the same, but there are apparantly no issues with self vapourising or combusting K7s on google. I understand your logic in thinking that this video is possibly real, but on the judgement that most of their other videos are fake, I think this one is to. Perhaps its not as obvious as the rest, and perhaps this could happen due to electrical stress as I and many others have suggested, but thinking about it in more details and with evidence, I see no reason why I should accept this video as a truthful respresentation of how an AMD Duron acts without a heatsink. In the video, the CPU isnt even running at any sort of load.

    Sorry phire, but Im now prtetty sure its a near impossiblity.

  91. Translation of what he Says:


  92. phire Says:

    Nah, it’s good discussion, don’t apologize just because someone is acting like a kid here. :)

    As a counter point, though, I didn’t see any explosives in the other videos. I could have just missed the ones that actually used explosives, but, I did see in most of their videos, they were hooking up 120 volt equipment directly into 240 volt power sources. Some did ‘explode’, but none of the others ever busted their boards like the Duron CPU above.

    But, you’re right that it’s only marginally possible under extreme conditions, and that’s all I’ve been saying this entire time. 😉 If it genuinely was overclocked like they said, I doubt they could even get a load on it before it crashed out. I’m sure they were just lucky to get CPUZ to load, if it wasn’t faked that is.

  93. oc_uk Says:

    well, the on about stealing a motherboard is some sort of roman candle firework lit on the top, the crashed hard disk one is some sort of rocket lit inbetween the HDD and mounting rack, and theres one where they just decide to run over a laptop with a tractor….

    Im not gonna link them coz most of them are on google video and countless othersites so youve probably seen them already.

  94. eekcage Says:

    im not reading all that sry :). i think its a duff tbh (havnt tried it tho) me n a m8 wrek-0n its gunpowder between the board n chip. overheat n bang…gonna smoke my ol 950 duron bk in 40 😡 l8’s

  95. phire Says:

    Well, the ones I seen just had a direct 240v current applied to the circuits. I must have missed the ones with the obvious explosives. The couple videos I did watch from them, they would smash the board or drive with a hammer if it didn’t at least catch on fire.

  96. oc_uk Says:


    thats all their videos. Loads of them use pyros.

  97. BurningDog Says:

    i spoked with the makers of videos when they’ve been realised, iyt’s from x86secrets team. all are fakes mqde for fun.

    all material destroy is fake hardware of non working one with pyros

  98. 13days Says:

    hoax. not even plausible.

    1. fan is not running. it should have died, even before removing the heatsink
    2. heatsink not seated properly. durons/k7 athlons has rubber pads placed at each corners, it was there to minimize the incidence of cracking the die during heatsink installation. but, if you will just place a heatsink on it, it will not have sufficient contact, leaving a small gap.
    3. the die simply burns. if it “explodes”, it will just pop up. i’ve personally seen a popped duron (which also seems questionable), most of the core is missing but the substrate is intact. the ceramic substrate is much harder for the die to crack, what more to shatter it into smithereens.
    4. the die doesn’t have enough leverage to crack the substrate. even if something is on-top of the die to hold it down and focus the force downward.
    5. the die seems to be intact. if its the source of the explosion, it should be missing or atleast not present on one of the substrates.
    5. the zif lever is not locked. system should have crashed prior to the explosion due to poor electrical contact. it should have also held down some pieces of the processor, especially the small top part that is missing. possibly done to get maximum effect.
    6. the flash of the explosion seems to originate from the bottom of the cpu, reviewing the video closely, orange-yellow flash is visible. slow-motion is in black and white though.
    7. camera angles are questionable from beginning to end. if they want to prove this is for real, they should have shown a helluva lotsa more details.

    my take.. a squib or some other explosive was popped between the proc and the motherboard.

    theres a slight vertical movement on the motherboard. probably because there is the substrate has initially resisted more energy than the resistance of the mobo. the hole could have been present even before the explosion. if its a plyboard, it should have just flexed and moved the mobo vertically. if its something thicker, the board should have shifted laterally due to the deflection of explosion (the mobo is not lying on the table perfectly flat, and aside from the location of the explosion is not at the center of the motherboard, the weight of the cards on the lower side of the motherboard plus the weight of the thick video cable). either one of these two should be true since the motherboard is not bolted on the table.

  99. phire Says:

    Glad we’re finally back on track to intelligent debate and all the trolls have left us.

  100. NerdLinkOfTheDay » Processori che scoppiano Says:

    […] Exploding Overclocking Extreme AMD Duron Vaporizing (link postato da spiorf sul canale #wins di irc.autistici.org) […]

  101. Overclocker Says:

    That was totally CRAZY man i would not-ever-never do this thing to my mobo or my processor even thou it is running at 1.8GHz and i dont even know how to overclock it to 2GHz or above.
    even so that was totally funny :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  102. Drano Says:

    Lol, I tried something similar, it didnt explode it just smoked alot. see this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seEFIs1W0Sk

  103. phire Says:

    Yeah, 99% of systems just smoke up or don’t do anything at all.

  104. Hexypoo Says:

    over clocking isn’t soo necessary now adays. I mean its useful for some people just not for your average user.

  105. phire Says:

    All this talk of smoking hot chips gets me hot and bothered. Won’t anyone bend me over and treat me like the man that you are?

  106. phire Says:

    Seems I tried this myself and it’s absolutely impossible. I guess I’ll be the first to say I am OWNED.
    Next time I’ll pay attention in my jr high science class.

  107. evopleLoovA Says:

    как вы провели Рождество, уважаемые?
    как вообще считаете – традиции этого праздника сейчас имеют право на жизнь?

  108. Slick Says:

    Hey, phire. I’m curious. After reading all of these postings that lasted for over a whole year. I ask you, “Why?”. It’s not that deep. Why fuel the beast? Who cares if it’s real or fake. The video is about 2-3 guys trying to have some carnage with a computer. It should have been left at that. People have left very rational ideas in certain degrees of science, electronics, pyrotechnics, IT, and engineering and have left very probable cause from each study including you. But, what gets me is that the postings immediately went south when the derogatory language started coming out. After that, all I was reading was fuel being fed to the beast on both sides. And I hate to say it, but the fuel you were putting out was allot hotter to distinguish. Though, from my understanding of the last few posts that were left by you is that your account has been either hacked, this is a new user I’m talking to, or you really are in Junior High (not accusing). And on that note, I have nothing further to say. Oh, on a side note though, I’ve seen a second video of the same guys doing repeated tests and proving that all of it was staged. Thank you for your time.

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